Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Auctioneering Season 7 Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow (technically today but meh I haven't slept yet) is supposed to be the start of Arena Season 7. What does this mean for you as an auctioneer? Many auctioneers are preparing for the sudden influx of pvpers getting new gear on top of the normal tuesday rush from the raiders on your server. Glyph sales should be similar to a typical weekend with all the pvpers switching around their glyphs to fit the new flavor of the month specs on top of the normal glyphs sales. I could be completely wrong and it could be dead slow, who knows. What I do know I am ready to last until atleast the weekend of moderate increase in sales.

Here's pretty much what Im staring at when I open my Gbank. Organization is a huge help when it comes to success in the AH world. Being able to know exactly where stuff is to pull it out and throw it in the AH at any given time instead of spending 5 minutes digging around for it.

Tab 1 is for various cards and deck and kind of my landing pad of "to be processed" items if im running behind on things. I have my cards lines up from Ace to 8 with the blank spots being cards I'm out of. Bottom of first tab are decks I'm holding on to for the fair.

Tab 2 is my gem and eternal tab. Kind of self explanatory. As a JC/enchanter I can never have to many eternal earths :)

Tab 3 is my saronite ore landing strip. I at one point yesterday was completely caught up on prospecting. At the time of this writing I have what you see there and another 8 crates from my farmer who cods me ore at 11g a stack. Even if I dont need ore I still make money by turning it into bars and vendoring it haha :)

Tab 4 is my enchanting mat tab. I give props to a good friend of mine who does 90% of my disenchanting work for me. What you see if pretty much his work over the last day and a half and he keeps bugging me to send him more. :P

Tab 5 is my future Ink tab. in the first 3 tabs you can see there isnt tab 5. I decided it was time to upgrade to 5 tabs if I was going to take a screenshot of my gbank.

So that's pretty much my randomness rambling. Now for some economic based talk since I'm sure thats why you're still reading.

If your from JMTC forums chances are you've seen my thread floating somewhere around there about hiring friends to work for you. An old guildie of mine offered awhile back to help out with disenchanting and at the time I didn't really need the help. I wasnt busy enough to where I couldn't do it. Then I realized I had 400+ stacks of saronite (37 or so crates w/ 12 stacks per crate. ~444 stacks of ore) and I was falling behind quick.

Some people are against it and have trust issues which I understand completely. And I was one of those people until the other day when I had contacted my friend to see if he would still be interested in "working" for me. I wouldnt pay him directly but I originally let him keep 10% of every he disenchanted. When I sent him 24 crates of rings today I told him to take 20% of everything. Here's why: (and I'm sorry if some of this is repetitive from my thread but you all <3 me anyways :P)

I buy Eternal earths at a max of 130g a stack ( 6.5g each). I'm going to say the average is 6g per eternal (120g a stack) for the sake of simplifying the math at 2 am in the morning (and its really the price all my farmers sell to me.)

20 earth = 130g (worst case here)
1 earth = 6.5g
5 rings = 11.5g (1g per green gem is about standard. Even though I never buy these I'll include em in the pricing since I could technically AH them for money.)
1 ring = 2.3g

20 rings = 30 dust / lesser essence / lesser shards on average. (low would be 20 and high would be 40. 30 is the happy medium average and is generally accurate since I deal in 1k+ batches of rings at a time)

Dust generally sells for 70-80g a stack with spikes as high as 100g. I'm going to use 60g per stack as a worst case scenario here and just to prove how much I'm still making even with my friend taking 20%.

It's safe to say on average every 20 rings he will get 30 dust / essence / shards. His cut of that is 6 dust / essence / shards.

30 dust @ 60g a stack is 81g. His 20% cut is is roughly 16.2g per 30 rings. That leaves me with 64.8g given I sell it at 60g a stack (often times its higher).

My cost for 20 rings 46g (2.3g * 20) . That leaves me 18.8g profit for simply making the rings, mailing them and posting the end product. While I'm not making as much money as I would if I would have if I did it myself this now gives me more time to spend making glyphs, milling herbs, prospecting ore, cutting gems, whatever needs to be done. I make money and save time.

I'm not advising everyone who happens to read this to go out and get your friend to do this. There are alot of shady people in the game who will backstab you for 10g. I trust this friend as I've loaned his RL friend part of his epic flyer money and it was paid back in a timely manor. Plus money is just an in game item to me. If I have to lose 1k gold to find out someone is going to hamstring me I'd rather find out then instead of at a later date and lose more. Plus I'm extremely good friends with his GM ;)

That wraps up pretty much my 2 "backround" stories. From here on out I'll pretty much be talking about various ways to play the AH and what you can do to dominate a market by sheer force through manipulation of the AH. :)


  1. I reallt should have prepared myself for the new season :(, all I got is a few infinite dusts. Luckily I live in europe so I still got some time to do a few last minute preparations since the new season doesn't start until tomorrow.

  2. looking at your gem tab, you've got a ton of every rare level gem, except yellow?

    do you only cut to sell yellows? are they the only one you're xmuting right now? did you have a buyer for a ton of only yellows? etc.

    fill me in. :)