Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Return of The Gnome

Hey everyone. I got caught up in some RL issues yesterday and combined with my bad latency I didn't really do much in terms of anything online. To give you an idea of how bad it was it took me an hour to d/e 20 stacks of titanium.

So a mental note out there for all you AH players who have various amount of people CoD'ing you stuff. Make sure you tell them your taking a few days break if you ever need one. I logged in yesterday to over 7k worth of CoDs awaiting me in my mail. Mostly titanium ore (I think they were buying it when it dropped below 325g a stack and cod'ing it to me for my price which is fine with me cause I wasn't on anyways).

Currently I'm sitting at about 32k gold and have 0 supplies ready for your typical Tuesday rush but that's fine. I'm just going to sit on the supplies I have and get everything processed and caught up. Then I can worry about playing the AH and get the ball rolling once I have everything caught up.

I have about 14 tokens worth of titanium dust and will use it to pick up 3 or so epic gem cuts.

I'm still going to cut a bunch of gems and post them and carpet bomb my glyphs since those take relatively little time w/ QA. And I'll send my d/e friend a huge batch of rings as I have 200 or so stacks of saronite prospected and the gems awaiting and another 300-400 stacks yet to be prospected.

I'm glad to be back and finally making money again :)


  1. Just keep the posts going. Reading about your AH ventures has made me set up my own shop which is surprisingly going a lot better than expected.

  2. When you prospect saronite, are you selling crafted blue gems? How are they selling now that epic gems are out there?

  3. Rare gems are actually selling way better then Epics atm. Then again I have 5x the cuts for rare then I do epic. But I'm making a killing still off the rare gem market. Esp with the lower saronite prices.