Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a daily update.

Well I think I finally got my connection stable enough to leave the city and actually play the game now. So that's what I've been doing after 5 weeks of grinding the AH.

With prices on crusader orbs dropping like a rock I decided to purchase my ToC tanking chest piece. The 8 crusader orbs cost be about 16k (2k each. Were 6k+ each when servers came up) and I spent about 1k on the titansteel. I also had the ulduar crafted tanking belt made as well which now pushes me almost to 37k hp unbuffed. All in all I dropped about 21k for 2 new pieces of gear.

Gold wise I dipped below 40k for a bit last night and bounced back up over 50k by the end of the night.

The scribe fort scrolls are sellin relatively well for the little bit I sold them. Since I'm a card maker I didn't want to burn to much testing that market but they are selling easily for 10-15g on my server.

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