Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Sorry about the late post as I've been busy as the farmers have started to come back around. My original goal was to get to 60k by tomorrow but I definitely wont be reaching that as I'm sitting at 42k liquid right now. I figured the cheap mats that are surfacing are more important then hitting 60k. I really don't want to drop below 40k in my guild bank so I'll probably only accept the COD orders people send me.

I now have two herb farmers, two to three ore farmers, and one leather farmer. My leather farmer is also a miner so he pretty much just CODs me everything he gets. Hard to pass up 6g stacks of borean leather that I can craft into items and d/e.

I'm pretty far behind on things right now but I don't want to not give you a post so I'll briefly talk about turning items into enchanting mats. Alot of times this is completely server dependant and wont work on every server. It's generally the direct result of people flooding the market.

For Leatherworker's take a look at Arctic Boots. If you can buy stacks of borean leather for 10g or less and Infinite dust sells for 3g or more you can make some easy money. These boots disenchant into the same mats as the JC crystallized jewelery (1.5 dust, 1.5 lesser essence, 1 small dream shard). They take 8 leather to create which is 4g if you buy at 10g a stack.

For Jewelcrafter's take a look at my Shadowmight vs Crystallized blog. Pretty much self explanatory.

For Tailoring I don't know of any wrath recipes that work for the d/e process simply because almost all of the tailoring products take imbued frostweave which would be counter productive. However there are a few BC options that can still be profitable for you. Check out Netherweave Bracers. They take 15 cloth to make and d/e into 2.5 dust, 2.5 lesser essence, or 1 small prismatic shard. If your looking for large prismatic shards check out Arconoweave Bracers or Imbued Netherweave Pants. It depends on silk vs dust prices on which would be more profitable to produce.

For Blacksmithing I don't see many options looking through Wowhead but Deadly Saronite Dirk. And even then it could be borderline on the profitability.

If you know of anything I missed or even some old world recipes that are great for disenchanting feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Congratulations on getting the farmers back, hope they'll come to my server soon...

  2. I've made a spreadsheet this week for tailoring for JMTC Board. If you are looking into Craft -> DE check it out in Profession -> Tailoring section.