Saturday, September 26, 2009

Planning For My Return Tomorrow.

Well Today is my last day of my so called vacation. My account is sitting at 40k or so gold from my spending spree earlier this week and I really want to break 100k here soon (2 weeks or so).

I'm probably going to delete my bankers and reroll new ones and start with fresh chars. I figure now is a good time since my name has died off a little for my competition I could theoretically roll up with fresh alts and nobody would think it was me.

I don't really have much to talk about as I haven't really be active in wow the past couple of days. I put up a new poll (for you google readers :D) about what professions you use to play the AH.

I got my Dr. pepper and Vault ready for tomorrow after fishing. Going to burn the midnight oil and get the ole machine fired up again. I feel bad for my competition though. They have probably enjoyed the past few days and going to be nerd raging at my return.

Oh and for the love of everything holy. Never ever decide to clean out your mailboxes when your at someone's house who doesn't have postal. I was honestly cleaning my glyph mailbox out for over an hour, GG.

If you haven't checked out the Tools of the Trade post please do so. I'd like your feedback (via comments on this post) about addon's you cant live without. I realized I left a bunch of addons out of that list and I'd like to do a follow up. So drop a comment here, mail me on JMTC, hit me up on yahoo IM, I don't care just let me know what addons you guys love and I'll personally download them and check them out and write up a review on them (They have to be found on curse or wowinterface. I'm not downloading addons from a site I don't trust and I can't recommend people to download addons from a site I don't trust. I'd hate to hear that someones account got hacked because they downloaded a link I posted on my blog >.> not cool lol)

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  1. My Addon Setup for my bank alts is:

    Auctioneer Suite


    KevTool Queue


    MarketWatcher is one of my favourites in the past few days (testing since Tuesday) and you can check all of your scans over a set timeline, chechking who was posting at this moment, how many glyphs were up at this time and so on. Best Addon to analyse how a market will be in the future