Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bumping Into an Old Friend

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. Sales were alright and I'm hovering at around the 65k mark. Herb prices are slowly comming back down due to the fair being over which really makes me happy. If you remember about me talking about inflating the herb prices before the fair well they are just now starting to fall back to normal prices. Throughout the entire fair herbs were 20-25g a stack and some even higher at almost 40g a stack.

So I was doing my usual prospecting and the sort when I get a whisper from two different people telling me that people were bitching about me in guild chat from my former guild. As I still have alts in that guild I figured I'd log over and listen in on the fun (I'm still good friends with majority of the guild). As soon as I log on guild chat erupted in lols and roffles because I happen to log into the middle of one of the guild members complaining about me undercutting on glyphs.

He still doesn't know who I was and was complaining basically about me carpet bombing and I join in on the complaining to add to the humor for those who knew who I was. It was pretty fun calling myself an asshole and an inconsiderate prick with no AH ethics. All the meanwhile my friends in the guild were literally dying from laughter. After about 15 or 20 minutes of messing around with this guy I announced that it was 3 minutes til my hourly carpet bombin of glyphs and I had to go and logged off. That was the end of that for then.

Later in the night I hopped on their vent to hang out and talk and the guy who was complaining about me was in vent and people started chuckling. I come to find out that this guy used to be a guildie and fellow officer from the raiding guild I was in back in BC with and we started reminiscing about good times and funny stories. Eventually we get on to the topic of playing the AH and making money. I avoid talking about glyphs the entire time because I still didn't know if he knew who I was or not. Then he randomly goes off about me undercutting auctions and we both laugh about it. I finally knew that he knew and we started talkin business.

He was more annoyed that people were being dumb and undercutting by 5-10g and I'd come in and undercut them. I explained that I have my addon set up to undercut by 1c and he admitted he fully supports undercutting by 1c.

Now I have no problem sharing markets and have no problem helping others make money. If I'm explaining to them tips and the sort on how to play the AH then I'm still one step ahead of them in a sense and who knows they may teach me a thing or two in the future. So I explain QA to him and how it works and he thought it was pretty cool but felt it wasn't needed as his inscription is only in the low to mid 300s.

We then get on the topic of JC / enchanting and other various markets and pretty much wrap up that conversation agreeing we both don't mind competition and we both wouldn't take offense to each other undercutting because business was business.

Overall it was a pretty fun conversation and really good catching up with an old guildie I hadn't seen in over a year.

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