Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye Warsong

So my usual update. Yesterday I broke 70k and actually ended up the day at about 73k. I've changed my posting ways and it's actually making somewhat of a difference. Yesterday I pulled in about 2k in glyphs, 3k in gems and 3k in enchanting mats.

Now as you read in yesterdays blog I was thinking about not camping the AH. I repost 2-3 times during peak hours and whenever I feel like it but I'm actually leveling alts and the sort now. So far so good which is really nice because I was starting to get burned out camping the AH.

Now today's blog isn't really about economics or anything. I wanted to dedicate today's post in memory of a good friend.

Many good times were spent running around WSG kicking the crap out of horde. Unfortunately the twink bgs are dead on my battlegroup so I decided to level her in WSG. In memory of my twink lock, Puntindots. /cry

Here is a screenshot of my last bg as a twink. Now its not all that great as I was pretty much the only 19 on my team and we were going up against multiple twinks on the horde side. Still even with that in mind check out the damage done. Good times on that char. But like all good things, it was eventually going to come to an end.

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