Monday, November 16, 2009

Space-bound Gnome?

As some of you know I have recently been playing Eve. Not really playing but more like cracking out over the damn game. And I honestly have lost all interest in playing the economy game in wow. I still log on to talk to friends but that's about it. All I think about is Eve.

This isn't meant to really be a good bye of any sorts. I'll still be around the JMTC forums and I'll still be in the IRC. I just don't want to leave all of my readers just hanging because you guys are awesome and you guys are what made this blog so much fun to write.

If you have any questions or still want advice feel free to email me at or message me on the IRC / yahoo IM (silence42202) / JMTC forums.

Now I'll explain this new addiction of mine :D

First off if you want an 'easy' game to play then stick to wow, lol. People are not even remotely exaggerating when they say Eve has a suicidal learning curve. From the first time you log in til about 12 hours of play time you will be aggervated, lost, and thinking 'why the hell am I even playing this stupid game'. But if you try it out; hang with it. I promise you it does get easier (as long as you do the tutorial).

Eve is an open end mmo space game. I dislike sci-fi, I dislike star wars, and star trek. But this game is awesome. It's completely different from wow in the aspect that wow has an (attempt of an) endgame. Eve has zero end game.

Your train your character in different skills (you choose the order depending on what you want to do). The training is automatic and time based whether your on the game or not. You can queue up for 24 hours at a time. Training skills takes anywhere from 10 minutes to I think some of the longest ones are 2+ RL years? (might be mistaken. But it's a damn long time. I was told it'd take roughly 24 RL years to train every skill in the game). Different skills allow you to fly different ships, use different weaponry, use different devices, place more buy / sell orders (explain later) etc. Everything you do in the game revolves around this.

Now the economy on this game blows the living hell out of wow. Each station has its own market (auction house). You can see what other stations have in the same general area as you but outside of your regional area you wouldn't know. You can place items for sale for up to a year at a time (if I remember correctly). That is a sell order. You can hit up a popular misson hub and sell a million units of ammunition and set it for over the coarse of a year and fly to the other end of the galaxy and forget about it.

There's also a completely different feature which surprised me. You can place buy orders in a station. Like a reverse auction. To my knowledge there are zero vendors. Everything in the game is player bought and player sold (or received as a reward from a misson but even those can be bought). Nothing is 'bop' or 'boe'. You upgrade ships? You can sell it on the market or refine it down to raw materials.

That's a crash course explanation on the economy. There is so much more to it that I don't understand enough to really talk about.

For your PvPers out there, the pvp system is completely open. There are security zones. 1.0 to 0.5 security is pretty much pvp free. 0.4 to 0.1 is extreme low security and 0.0 is no mans land where player law runs the land (space?). You die? You lose your ship and any contents you had with you. Other players can loot your goods. So if you wanted to gank that trading vessel carrying millions worth of isk (currency) in trade goods your free to do so (they'd more then likely have protection with them though).

If I still have your attention so far then you'd be interested to knowing there is only 1 server. 300,000+ people in one world. A world so freaking huge I've yet to meet anyone who could tell me how long it'd take to get across the game. It took me about 30-45 minutes to go a fraction of the way to join my cousins corporation (guild).

If your interested has a 14 day free trial. Very few limitations on it compared to wow. We even have a JMTC channel set up on there for the JMTC community to still stay in touch.

If I seriously get back into wow I'll probably start blogging again but for the time being considered me retired on that game :)

Highest Amount of liquid - 93k
Current Estimated Value in mats - 75k

Was one hell of a run and I'm glad I could share my thoughts with you guys.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter Veil - Are you ready?

Start collecting those small eggs. I've been tryin to pick them up as I see them but my AH has been dry of them lately. I have managed to buy about a stack at 20s per egg but I'd like some more for the event as I'm pretty certain prices will be way higher.

Off Topic - Pilgrim's Rep Buff

I got this and figured I'd pass it along for those of you working on reps (such as insane). Thanks again to AlexS for this heads up :D

I'm an active reader of your blog, and would like to say nice job on it. Just an idea for you to mention on an off topic post, This is is buff during pilgrim's bounty, and if it comes out, can be really useful for those of us trying to get the Insane achievement. Not sure if it increases rep gains from librams and the "Free Knot" quest but maybe some people would be interested.

From wowhead it looks like its whenever you eat holiday food. Hopefully this is something we can stock up on for even after the holiday (day of the dead bread still works and you can still summon the pet :P). Even more of a bonus if it's boe :P

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Printing Gold - A New Tactic

So I was thinking last night how I could inflate the prices of ore and eternals to the point where my competition couldn't shuffle. Of course artifical inflation is the easiest and most profitable way to achieve this (which is basically buying everything and creating a demand for an item which doesn't exist).

Now the following tactic I'm about to talk about is the result of me sitting on over a tab of enchanting mats and 10-15 crates of more enchanting mats. With the price of enchanting mats dropping it doesn't make sense in my mind to keep producing more enchanting mats. Does it?

I can buy eternals up to 8g each (competition doesnt want to pay more then 5 or 6g) which makes my crystallized jewelery cost 1.6g in earths. Factor in the gem vendor value of 50s and the cost is 2.1g.

The crystallized jewelery vendors for 3.14g. Yes, I'm vendoring rings instead of disenchanting them. "Why in everything holy would I do that?" You might ask. Well look at it from this perspective.

I'm making a little over 1g from vendoring the items. Shuffling was resulting in 1.8g profit after everything is all said and done not including ah fees. So you might be thinking "yea but your losing 80s per ring and basically throwing money down the drain." and in a sense your right. I am throwing money down the drain BUT I am making a profit. I'm able to buy as much as I possibly want from as long as I don't exceed my price limits and I'll make a profit almost instantly.

This means I can drop 10k on eternals and ore. Craft rings and vendor them. Cut and sell the rare gems. I won't make as much money but the fact is I'm hurting the competition. I'm taking those eternals and ore away from them and preventing them from shuffling.

The only reason to do this is to cause inflation in eternal and ore prices. The fact I'm sitting on 200+ stacks of dust still is still allowing me to continue selling enchanting mats. When I get low on enchanting mats I'll make up some more dust but until then I'm vendoring rings to remove the items from game. The reason I don't just sit on the rings until I need enchanting mats is it recoops some of the cost. I don't have the liquid to continuously inflate the market prices without selling them to the vendor. (Well I'm sure I have the liquid but I'd rather not sit on tens of thousands of rings and eternals.)

The results of this so far is eternals hovering in the 8-10g range and saronite over 20g a stack (which 10-12g is normal on my server). My other shuffling competition got really loud in trade trying to find ore and eternals but couldn't and in fact has been pretty quiet lately (briefly logging on and back off and I'm guessing to check ah prices only to see things haven't changed).

Play smart and do your math before attempting this to see if it'll work for you. I'm not saying run out and do this but more or less throwing the idea out there for you guys to chew on and think about. Oh, one last thing, don't burn your citrine. You can use them for jade pendants for shards (if they are still profitable). You can also try selling gems in stacks of 3 or singles as well but that's up to you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Profitable Gem Cuts

One of the comments the other day was asking about what cuts I find profitable. So I figured instead of replying to the comment I would answer it in a post so more people would see it.

I'm just going to go by colors since the epic and rare versions of each tend to be about the same in terms of popularity. They are going to be listed in no particular order other then the order in which I stumbled across them on

  • Red - Cardinal Ruby & Scarlet Ruby

    • Runed
    • Bold
    • Fractured
    • Delicate

  • Yellow - King's Amber & Autumn's Glow

    • Brilliant
    • Quick
    • Rigid
    • Smooth
    • Thick

  • Blue - Majestic Zircon & Sky Sapphire

    • Solid

  • Green - Eye of Zul & Forest Emerald

    • Enduring
    • Seer's

  • Orange - Ametrine & Monarch Topaz

    • Etched
    • Glinting
    • Stalwart
    • Veiled

  • Purple - Dreadstone & Twilight Opal

    • Glowing
    • Puissant
    • Purified
    • Regal
    • Shifting
    • Sovereign

Now I probably missed a couple but the fact is gems are pretty hit and miss. If your trying to figure out what cut to pick up next I would base it off your current stock.

For example, If you have 22 King's Amber and 10-14 of every other epic uncut then pick up a new King's Amber gem. By doing this you balance out your gems a little more rather then having five red and orange cuts and zero purple or yellow.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Profiting Off Laziness Followup

Few days ago I wrote about profiting off peoples laziness and selling vendor sold items in the AH. Today's blog is short and sweet but I wanted to show you that ANY level char can make ANY amount of gold. I made a level 1 character with 5g. No bags or anything. This is my backpack and what I emptied out of the mailbox since I've made that post.

Not exactly record breaking but in a couple of days I turned 5g into 150g with less then an hour of play time on the character. All I did was hit up various vendors and pick up 5 of each item used in trade skills. 5 of various dyes, threads, parchments, etc. If the merchant had recipes I picked them up.

Currently I'm at 50g or so but I purchased 4 netherweave bags and restocked on a bunch of stuff and started selling various spell reagents and such. I have no idea where I'm taking this but its a fun little experiment. When I get to around 1k on this character I'll probably start flipping items and what not but for now I'm building capital.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Subscribing to A Gnome's Conquest

After reading some other blogger's reasons as to why you should subscribe to your favorite blogs I thought it was only proper I help spread the word about subscribing.

As a blogger I know first hand what it's like trying to come up with new content to get more readers. Trying to write more controversial topics and speculation to try to generate readership. Majority of blogger's enjoy writing in general but we enjoy having people read our writing and knowing people are enjoying what we write. If we didn't care about those things we would make our blogs 'private' and more like an offline diary.

By subscribing to the blogs you do enjoy reading your not only letting the writer know that you enjoy the content they are writing about but your also staying in touch with their blog. The whole "out of sight, Out of mind" saying comes in to play here. If your constantly reading 20 blogs and forget to check one or two the likely hood of remembering to check the blog is less likely. By subscribing to the blog your in a sense staying in touch with any new posts the writer makes. So even the blogs that update once a week will have readership because you'll always know when they post.

So subscribe to those blogs you find yourself regularly reading. The 'readers' number may not mean anything to you but it does to the writers. If you do subscribe to the blogs you read already I wanted to say thank you for doing so on behalf of all the blog writers. It is much appreciated even if we never talk about it directly (it does feed us motivation).

If you enjoy the content I write about and read my blog on a regular basis please consider clicking here to subscribe.

Jade Dagger Pendants & Icy Prisms

Here is my Jade Dagger Pendants & Icy prisms numbers. Got a little bored and felt like crunching more numbers for my own knowledge. Figured I'd share the info.

Jade Dagger Pendant

  • Eternal Earth x 1 @ 8g
  • Huge Citrine x 2 @ 1.5g = 3g
  • Dark Jade x 2 @ 0.5g = 1g
  • Total Cost:8+3+1=12g

As Dream shards are currently bouncing in the 12g to 20g range it's somewhat profitable given I sell during the proper moments. Typically I'm only making dream shards for my enchanting scrolls and to burn off some extra Dark Jade. If dream shard prices drop below 12g I can simply buy them out to relist or use them in my scrolls.

Icy Prisms

I'm going to cheat and simply copy and past scripts from wowhead for you aucitoneer users and the manual formula.

MarketValue Valuation

/run local v,p=AucAdvanced.API.GetMarketValue,print;p(((0.1*v(42225)+2.6*(v(36918)+v(36930)+v(36921)+v(36933)+v(36924)+v(36927))/6)/10000).."g Prism");p(((v(43102)+3*(v(36923)+v(36926)+v(36932)))/10000).."g Mats")

Appraiser Valuation

/run local v,p=AucAdvanced.Modules.Util.Appraiser.GetPrice,print;p(((0.1*v(42225)+2.6*(v(36918)+v(36930)+v(36921)+v(36933)+v(36924)+v(36927))/6)/10000).."g Prism");p(((v(43102)+3*(v(36923)+v(36926)+v(36932)))/10000).."g Mats")

Valuation output would be in Gold. "Prism" is the estimated value of the contents of an Icy Prism, while "Mats" is the estimated value of the materials used to make an Icy Prism. Note: This assumes equal chances for all the gems, which seems to be the case, and does not take epic gems into account. (Thanks to BitByte @ wowhead for the /run commands)

For those of you who don't run Aucitoneer (like me) you can use the following:

"1x FO + 3x Ch + 3x SC + 3x DJ == 0,1*DE + 2,6 * (SR+MT+AG+FE+SS+TO)/6 + 0,05 * (MZ+Am+EoZ+CR+Dr+KA)/6

FO = Frozen Orb
Ch = Chalcedony
SC = Shadow Crystal
DJ = Dark Jade
DE = Dragon's Eye
SR = Scarlet Ruby
MT = Monarch Topaz
AG = Autumn's Glow
FE = Forest Emerald
SS = Sky Sapphire
TO = Twilight Opal
MZ = Majestic Zyrcon
Am = Ametrine
EoZ = Eye of Zul
CR = Cardinal Ruby
Dr = Dreadstone
KA = King's Amber

Average Costs (left Side) lower Average Gains(right Side)? Do it! Else? Save your Gold." (Thanks to Heidi85 @ wowhead for this formula)

I would go into detail and plug in my numbers but honestly I'm exhausted. With the new prices of frozen orbs you honestly shouldn't have any problems making your money back and breaking even with the worst case if you cut the gems and sell em.

My Stance On Being Social

One of the major flaws in the goblin way is their anti-social tendencies. I am social and I have no problems with admitting I'm social. There are perks to being social; Here are a few:

- Most of my farmers are my friends. Ex guildies, current guildies, etc. When the farmers do their rotation on the servers I have farmers still who are selling me product cheaper then the farmers would. Why? because I'm a friend.

- I helped out 2 or 3 guild members with noble trinkets. I sold 2 of them at 50% market value. And 1 I traded 7 noble cards + 400g for a trinket because the last card was 2kg in the AH. In return 1 of them is farming me junkboxes and titanium ore. And another has a stash of eternal life I can buy at any given time. (Even at 50% market value I'm still making a profit)

- Playing the auction house is about developing relationships with people. Whether its potential buyers or sellers. I scratch their back and they'll scratch mine. Now the random person isn't going to return the favor usually and that's fine. I don't generally help out those people I don't know.

It's a great feeling knowing I've helped several people obtain their epic flying because I bought their herbs / ore / etc. And in return nine out of ten people have returned the favor and cut me deals on herbs and ore. I've even received crates of herbs for free simply because they wanted to show they are grateful.

My usual disclaimer. I'm not saying go out and help out every Joe, Dick, and Harry expecting the favor returned. Because it won't happen. However selling a greatness trinket at a discount (still making profit) to a friend only creates a better friendship and thus increases the chance to pick up some extra perks down the road.

If your a reader of JMTC you may remember me talking about loaning one of my farmers gold to purchase their epic flying. He repaid me in 2 days and to this day he still farms for me. Even when the AH prices spike to 18g a stack he still sells to me for 12g a stack. Why? Because I helped him get his epic flying.

Where the idea of being social is a bad thing came from I really don't know. I just keep seeing it around various blogs and I find it odd considering they are blogging. Last I checked blogging was being social. A true anti-social would record their daily happenings in their Hello Kitty diary for nobody to see.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Feedburner Fixed

Sorry for the spam. Sarainy was helping me fix my feedburner as I was a noob and set it up wrong. If you tried to subscribe to my blog via feedburner in the past and it wouldn't let you please try again as it's now set up properly.

Thanks again and sorry for the spam (saw the spam first hand in the IRC >.> )

3.3 Patch Notes Updated

Was browsing through the patch notes for 3.3 and figured I'd post the ones worth mentioning on here (aka the economic based ones).

  • Changed! (11/03): Group Disenchanting Option: In addition to rolling Need or Greed on items, players now have the option to elect for an item to be disenchanted if an enchanter of the appropriate skill level is in the group. Disenchant works exactly like Greed except if a player wins the Greed roll, they will receive the disenchanted materials instead. Players who choose Need will always win the item and will always beat those that choose Greed or Disenchant.

  • Unit nameplates are now subject to line-of-sight limitations in certain situations (this does not pertain to objects like Arena pillars or bridges). (Not sure if this will change the SW auction house trick or not)

  • Enchanting

    • Enchant Weapon - Black Magic: This enchantment now sometimes increases haste rating for the caster rather than inflicting the caster's target with a damage-over-time effect. It is also now triggered by landing any harmful spell rather than inflicting damage with a spell.

    • Enchant Weapon - Unholy Weapon: This enchantment now inflicts Shadow damage in addition to its original effect.

  • Mining

    • Enchanted Thorium: This ability now uses the Mining skill and is learned from trainers at a skill level of 250.

  • Reputation

    • The Sons of Hodir quests now give more reputation overall.
    • The following reputations have been sped up by roughly 30%: Argent Crusade, Alliance Vanguard, Horde Expedition, Kirin Tor, Knights of the Ebon Blade, The Sons of Hodir, The Wyrmrest Accord
    • Top-level helm and shoulder faction-related enchants are now available as Bind-on-Account items that do not require any faction to use once purchased (they still require the appropriate faction level to purchase).

  • Glyphs

    • Death Knight

      • Glyph of Icy Touch: Instead of granting additional runic power, this glyph now causes Frost Fever to deal 20% additional damage.

    • Druid

      • Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation: This glyph allows for the druid’s haste to reduce the time between the periodic healing effects of Rejuvenation.

    • Mage

      • Glyph of Eternal Water: This glyph allows for a summoned Water Elemental to last indefinitely, but it can no longer cast Freeze.

    • Priest

      • Glyph of Mind Flay: This glyph now increases the damage done by Mind Flay by 10% when the target is afflicted with Shadow Word: Pain.
      • Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain: The periodic damage ticks of Shadow Word: Pain now restore 1% of the priest's base mana with this glyph.
      • Glyph of Shadow: While in Shadowform, this glyph causes non-periodic spell critical strikes to increase spell power by 30%, up from 10%, of the priest's total spirit for 10 seconds.

    • Shamans

      • Glyph of Fire Nova Totem: Renamed Glyph of Fire Nova. This glyph now reduces the cooldown of Fire Nova by 3 seconds.

    • Warlock

      • Glyph of Life Tap: The effect of this glyph now has a chance of activating when Dark Pact is used.
      • Glyph of Quick Decay: This glyph allows for the warlock's haste to reduce the time between periodic damage effects of Corruption.

    • Warrior

      • Glyph of Victory Rush: This glyph now increases the critical strike chance of Victory Rush by 70%, regardless of the percentage of the target’s remaining health.

    Hatchlings: Leaping Hatchling, Darting Hatchling, Razormaw Hatchling, and Ravasaur Hatchling no longer drop from their associated rare creatures. Instead, there are now rare nests that spawn which contain these hatchlings. For example, the Leaping Hatchling can now be found in Takk’s Nest rather than as a drop from Takk the Leaper.

    Bug Fixes

      Glyph of Immolation Trap: Now properly increases damage by 100%.

My thoughts about the patch notes so far. With the change of rep being quicker to grind AND the head enchants now being BOA there is a possibility less people will run heroics to grind rep. What does this mean exactly? The possibility of less enchanting mats on the AH. People will still farm for badges but you can farm for badges quicker then you can farm for rep. Esp if its for a hybrid class such as a paladin or druid.

Also Sons of Hodir rep is becoming easier to grind. Quests will now grant more rep (whether or not this applies to dailies I'm not sure) so its a safe assumption that relic prices will drop as people need less overall. However on the counter to this argument is that since its easier you may have people grinding the rep who haven't yet and you may see a price increase.

Behind The Scenes: Updated Saronite Shuffle

Well I went through and updated my saronite shuffle prices. Here is what I'm looking at currently:

1 ring = 2-3 dust, 1-2 lesser essence, 1 small dream shard
Dust = Currently at 2.5-3g. Basing everything off 2g each
G.E = Currently 12-15g each. Basing off 10g essences.
D.S = Currently 12-17g each. Basing off 10g shards.

1 ring yields the following:
75%: 4-6g in dust
22%: 3.33-6.66g in lesser essence
03%: 3.33g in small shards

To figure out the cost of one ring we do the following:
Eternal Earth = 8g (old pricing was 6.5g)
Gems = 1.5g (Technically I'm selling them to myself to prevent the "its free mindset")

1 eternal = 5 rings
5 rings = 8g + 7.5g (1.5g*5 gems = 7.5g) = 15.5g
15.5g / 5 = 3.1g per ring to craft

Going to use my typical 1000 ring batch which produces the following:
1000 rings * 3.1g = 3100g

75% of 1000 is 750 dust procs.
22% of 1000 is 220 lesser essence procs.
3% of 1000 is 30 lesser dream shard procs.

750 dust* 2.5 = 1875 dust
220 L.E. * 1.5 / 3 = 110 Greater Essence
30 shards * 1 /3 = 10 Dream shards

Total cost: 3100g
Total sales: 4945g
Total profit per 1000 rings: 1850g
Total profit per ring: 1.85g

Since I'm selling my gems to myself we can now figure out the cost of my saronite ore. I buy ore at 15g a stack still as there is enough of a supply for me at this price range.

We can assume that because of double gem procs on prospecting we will on average get 4 gems in which are not shadow / jade. ( I have it written down somewhere where I prospected over 1100 stacks and that theory held true)

4 gems @ 1.5g = 6g
15g - 6g = 9g per stack of saronite

You can plug in the numbers based on your server and follow what I did to see how it results for your server. I tried to explain it the best I could. If your feeling lazy you can always dig up the link to Sarainy's spreadsheet found in my archive posts and plug in the numbers that way as well.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Profiting Off Laziness

This is something even low level auctioneers can do to make some initial start up funds. Generally they can be bought out for a fairly low price (couple silver to a couple of gold depending on the level of area) and can net a pretty good return.

Finding recipes such as Frost Oil which is sold from 1 vendor out in the middle of Alterac Mountains can net a profitable return. Vendor sold for 25 silver and depending on your server you can get as much as 10g or more simply based off peoples laziness. Great way to earn some extra cash while leveling up an alt.

Another great money maker is selling recipes xfaction. Sell horde recipes on the ally ah and vice verse. You can pick them up for dirt cheap and sell them as high as 50-100g to people going for the cooking recipe achievement. What I've heard works best is making a DK (if you don't have one already) on the opposite faction. Pick up On a Pale Horse (crusader in the unholy tree) and run around collecting recipes. Have a friend help you bring them back over and sell them.

I have a friend who was doing this for the longest time. I'd help him bring recipes over and he'd toss me 1 of each recipe for my time. Doesn't sound like a lot but I was making 50g per recipe. Also selling vendor pets xfaction is another source of easy gold. Combine this tactic with farming the black tabby and you can make some hefty profit for very little work.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pardon the Dust

It's 1:30 am. I can't sleep and I'm completely bored. So I'm playing around with different templates so don't freak on me if things look different. No, You are not hallucinating. I am considering dark on light if my idea pans out. :P

Anything to avoid Dire Maul runs /shiver.

Selling High AND Fast

Yes, contrary to popular goblin belief it is possible to sell high AND fast. Some markets you can't do this in and others you can gouge as much as your want and they will sell regardless of the price. Why? Because majority of the people are lazy and want the item now. They are going to the AH to get that item instantly. If they didn't mind waiting they would go out and farm it for "free".

Some Examples:
Eternal air was selling on my server for 3-5g. I spent about 500g and cleared out the eternal air prices and reset them to 15g each. Of course I got undercut and the price settled to about 10g. Which was my original goal price and still three weeks later eternal air prices are sitting at 12g each.

Fires were selling for 8-10g in bulk and I bought out everything up to 15g and started selling singles for 17g while stacks were still sitting at 15g. In 2 days I made about 2k profit from this little stunt and prices are still at the 15-20g mark.

I had hundreds of shadow that I paid no more then 4g for. After a market reset they haven't dropped below 5g each and I can sell stacks a day for 6-7g per eternal.

Arctic fur while I did not see this coming is selling at an incredible rate for 80g. I picked up 9 stacks awhile back for 20g per fur and was using them to make leg armors and what not. I decided to see if furs were selling at this outrageous price and to my surprise I sell over a stack a day of fur for 80g per fur. (That's 1600g a stack)

Enchanting mats are another great item although a bit harder to push up prices. But people will buy enchanting mats regardless of the price. This is 100% fact and the proof is patch days and new seasons. How quickly was enchanting mats selling at unbelievable prices then? Yea the demand was higher for them at those times but you can't deny that there is always a demand for enchanting mats.

Titansteel is another hot item that will sell at whatever price and the fact its limited to 1 per miner per day helps this. I've bought bulk titansteel for 115-120g each and flipped them for as much as 150-175g each.

Lichbloom drops below 20g a stack on my server. Yet a few weeks back I reset the market and was selling lichbloom for 60g a stack. Sure the price is back to 23g but come Tuesday I'll be back selling 5 lichbloom for 10-15g and they will sell. They always do.

You want to sell high and fast on netherweave bags? Soak up all the netherweave cloth for a few weeks and watch bag prices go up. Bags will still sell just as fast at 20g as they will at 10g and most likely your competition will be out of cloth by then.

While I am a supporter and a firm believer in crashing markets to drive off competition there are just some markets where you just don't need to. There is simply no reason what so ever to crash some market prices.

Now I'm not saying go out there and be stupid and try to manipulate every market. Some servers it simply wont work if you don't have enough liquid to eat your way through the flooders. Don't buy out 500 eternals to reset a market. Wait until there is 20-30 eternals to reset. Play smart and you won't get burned (as often).

I'm sure I'll get flamed by all the wanna be goblins out there and that's fine. They can keep flipping product like they're working at McDonalds for minimum wage. I'm sitting back and running the restaurant profiting off their cheap labor. ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rituals of the New Moon

So I went out and farmed up this technique to try it out on the market. I scanned for about a week daily and they were nowhere to be found. Nobody was making them and I think even less know about it. One of the main reasons being that it doesn't have the tags on it.

The item is farmed up in grizzly hills from the Silverbrook humanoids. It took me about 5 minutes to get as I just ran around in my tank gear and gathered 15 of em up and aoe'd em down. First pull and it dropped so I'm guessing its relatively easy to get.

The book takes 5 Ink of the sea, 3 eternal shadow, 10 resilient parchment. Breaking down the mats it costs:

5 ink = 10g (1 stack of low end northrend herbs)
3 eternal shadow = 9g (3g average for me)
10 resilient parchment = 5g (50s from vendor)

This book costs 24g to make and I've played around with the prices and the highest they sell for every time is 70g. For some odd reason if I bump it up to 75g it doesn't sell but whatever. Find your servers price where it consistantly sells at and post 1 at a time.

I post them as they sell and usually will sell one a day. I could probably sell more but by selling 1 at a time and being the only person who's making these it makes it look like its just a random drop and keeps from setting off the potential competitor alarm.

So check out your AH and keep an eye out. You may just have a new market with zero competition. :)

Making Money Off the Insane.

I didn't really think of this but for those of you who are not grinding the insane achievement you could possibly be making money off of those of us who are.

I've noticed a pattern on my server where if I keep the AH clean of pristine black diamonds the price bottoms out. People don't really know the value (generally) and will toss them up cheaply if they don't have a starting price to guide them like they would if they see a few posted at 200g each.

I'm willing to spend 100g per pristine black diamond and I have a few people who are scanning the AH for me and buying anything under 100g and cod'ing it to me in addition to me scanning the AH when I remember to. For awhile there was a handfull in the 200-300g range and prices weren't coming down simply because people would check before posting and see the value. However if you keep the AH clean of the diamonds you have a better chance of picking off cheaper diamonds.

Find someone whos grinding the insane achievement and find out what they will pay for black diamonds / librams / etc and add them to your snatch list or auctionator lists. Not only will you make their life easier but you'll also make some cash.

If you don't know anyone you can flip them on the AH. If you see one or two for 20 or 30 gold try buying them out and reposting for 100-150g. Buy up cheap librams of Focus, Protection, Rapidity and try to flip those as well.

For you rogues out there you know the junkboxes are typically sellers simply because you are the only ones who can farm them up. I'd honestly gladly pay 5-10g per junkbox but every time I mention how many I need I seem to lose the rogues interest.

For you scribes (and even non scribes) you can make rogue decks and piece together other cards for decks and try flipping those. It takes an insane amount of decks to get to exalted so if you can find someone grinding darkmoon rep you've hit a jackpot if you can work out a deal with them.

Signs of people grinding Insane in the Membrane:
People buying junkboxes
People buying librams of protection, focus, rapidity (only these 3)
People buying pristine black diamonds
People asking to turn in your darkmoon decks for rep during the fair or people buying rogue decks / etc

Any of these are generally good indications to make some easy money as all of the reps require a ton of work and random items.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day Of The Dead

Thought I'd throw a quick heads up out there. Today is Day of the Dead and there is a cooking recipe. It takes simple flour and ice cold milk to make and the bread for the quest has been selling on my server for 2-3g each. Not a ton of money but the profit ratio is huge. Try it out :)