Sunday, November 8, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Profitable Gem Cuts

One of the comments the other day was asking about what cuts I find profitable. So I figured instead of replying to the comment I would answer it in a post so more people would see it.

I'm just going to go by colors since the epic and rare versions of each tend to be about the same in terms of popularity. They are going to be listed in no particular order other then the order in which I stumbled across them on

  • Red - Cardinal Ruby & Scarlet Ruby

    • Runed
    • Bold
    • Fractured
    • Delicate

  • Yellow - King's Amber & Autumn's Glow

    • Brilliant
    • Quick
    • Rigid
    • Smooth
    • Thick

  • Blue - Majestic Zircon & Sky Sapphire

    • Solid

  • Green - Eye of Zul & Forest Emerald

    • Enduring
    • Seer's

  • Orange - Ametrine & Monarch Topaz

    • Etched
    • Glinting
    • Stalwart
    • Veiled

  • Purple - Dreadstone & Twilight Opal

    • Glowing
    • Puissant
    • Purified
    • Regal
    • Shifting
    • Sovereign

Now I probably missed a couple but the fact is gems are pretty hit and miss. If your trying to figure out what cut to pick up next I would base it off your current stock.

For example, If you have 22 King's Amber and 10-14 of every other epic uncut then pick up a new King's Amber gem. By doing this you balance out your gems a little more rather then having five red and orange cuts and zero purple or yellow.


  1. Nice post. Yeah, the first thing i did when epic gems first came out was to buy a cut of each color (prospecting ore), since you'll get about even of each. Then i grabbed more red, because i found i could buy uncuts and repost them as cut for profit.

    -Note on the fractured: Armor pen got nerfed during the last patch, so your mileage may vary slighty from pre patch.

  2. I quite disagree if these are the most profitable. Nearly every JC has designs for Solid or Runed and they actually sell cheaper on my server then uncut gems (red epics for ~140, uncut red epics ~170). The only profitable blue i found is Stormy (spell penetration) which sells for ~200 but you don't sell that many weekly.

  3. Stalwart being on the list makes me doubt in the sensibility of tanks on your server. Most tanks I see are either gemming full solid except what they need for meta requirement, or will go green and purple gems to match socket bonuses, there's no reason for a tank to use orange gem. :(

    On the other hand, you didn't include typical healer orange gems:
    1. Luminous (most common, sp + int)
    2. Potent (sp + crit)
    3. Reckless (sp + haste)

  4. @GrG - I never claimed these are the 'most' profitable. I simply made a list of 'profitable' gems that typically sell quickly. Runed and solid gems sell unbelievably quick.

    @Anon - It sells oddly enough and I'm actually using one to activate my meta. Without it I drop below defense cap but on the other hand I have zero defense enchants. So it works. When I get back over the cap I'll swap to dodge / stam for my red gem.

    I've never had luck with any of those cuts either Anon. They sell but its typically hit and miss.