Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Profiting Off Laziness

This is something even low level auctioneers can do to make some initial start up funds. Generally they can be bought out for a fairly low price (couple silver to a couple of gold depending on the level of area) and can net a pretty good return.

Finding recipes such as Frost Oil which is sold from 1 vendor out in the middle of Alterac Mountains can net a profitable return. Vendor sold for 25 silver and depending on your server you can get as much as 10g or more simply based off peoples laziness. Great way to earn some extra cash while leveling up an alt.

Another great money maker is selling recipes xfaction. Sell horde recipes on the ally ah and vice verse. You can pick them up for dirt cheap and sell them as high as 50-100g to people going for the cooking recipe achievement. What I've heard works best is making a DK (if you don't have one already) on the opposite faction. Pick up On a Pale Horse (crusader in the unholy tree) and run around collecting recipes. Have a friend help you bring them back over and sell them.

I have a friend who was doing this for the longest time. I'd help him bring recipes over and he'd toss me 1 of each recipe for my time. Doesn't sound like a lot but I was making 50g per recipe. Also selling vendor pets xfaction is another source of easy gold. Combine this tactic with farming the black tabby and you can make some hefty profit for very little work.


  1. Another thing to look at to make money from the lazy is the free tradeskill powerleving guides, look for the vendor bought mats that are used to get a skill up to 300. Buy a few stacks of them for a few copper or silver each, and list em in the AH and massively inflated prices.

    People leveling tradeskills on alts or new DKs will not want to farm their copper ore or wool and silk, this we know, but if they are working from a shopping list of mats a lot of them just buy everything they can from the AH. Including the common mats from vendors, as some dont realise they're vendor mats or cant be bothered runnning around finding salt or thread.

    For example, I've recently sold salt for 1g a piece, not a stack, a piece. for a 50c item. used to cure hides and level lw, but someone obviously didnt want to run to the vendor and just payed out for it as to some high level players theres little difference between 1g, 1 silver or 1 copper. Its a single mob kill to them. In their mind its easier to buy 30 salt from the AH and then kill a few mobs later to cover the costs than it is to run back and forth between shops buying mats.

  2. Love the idea of looking at the online guides, I didn't think of that. I do sell vend or items: copper rods, parchment, blacksmith hammers, etc. Most of these have no deposit price and sell for a nice market, some more often then others but I always try to leave a few up there.

  3. Simple and effective : I buy cooking vendor recipes that are only sold by one vendor in the whole Azeroth and sell those to the AH. there are a total of 30, and I sell them anywhere between 10g and 21g. the initial investment of buying 36 of each is around 300-400g if a I recall well. They sell everyday and the daily profit is 150-200g on average. I could extend this to other recipes like Ghost Dye or Frost oil or even Outland recipes (cooking and other professions) but never bothered. While is not great deal of gold related to the other notorious cash cows in the game, 200g per day is not to be neglected. I look at it as a safe net for funding other auctions posting fees. Let's say I have some unsold items returned to mail. The auction house posting fee, is not quite a loss, because the vendor recipe business will cover it :)

  4. Chances are, you're already lazy enough to embark on this program of self-improvement. But let's start out with a warning: The kind of laziness that can help you succeed is not the Homer Simpson, sleep-in-the-hammock-while-Marge-mows-the-lawn sort of laziness. But if you play your cards right, and reap the rewards of strategic sloth, you might get to retire early and get plenty of time to enjoy idyllic torpor of the hammock-napping variety.