Saturday, November 7, 2009

Profiting Off Laziness Followup

Few days ago I wrote about profiting off peoples laziness and selling vendor sold items in the AH. Today's blog is short and sweet but I wanted to show you that ANY level char can make ANY amount of gold. I made a level 1 character with 5g. No bags or anything. This is my backpack and what I emptied out of the mailbox since I've made that post.

Not exactly record breaking but in a couple of days I turned 5g into 150g with less then an hour of play time on the character. All I did was hit up various vendors and pick up 5 of each item used in trade skills. 5 of various dyes, threads, parchments, etc. If the merchant had recipes I picked them up.

Currently I'm at 50g or so but I purchased 4 netherweave bags and restocked on a bunch of stuff and started selling various spell reagents and such. I have no idea where I'm taking this but its a fun little experiment. When I get to around 1k on this character I'll probably start flipping items and what not but for now I'm building capital.

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  1. That's something I do when I create toons on a new server. My lowbie toons usually have between 1-2k within the first week, not bad at all.

    It's definitely possible to make money as a lowbie toon. I hit up the regular vendors and make a special point to hit up the profession vendors too. You're right, lots of lazy people within WoW, or I imagine if some are new to WoW they might not realize that some of those items can be purchased from vendors.