Monday, November 2, 2009

Making Money Off the Insane.

I didn't really think of this but for those of you who are not grinding the insane achievement you could possibly be making money off of those of us who are.

I've noticed a pattern on my server where if I keep the AH clean of pristine black diamonds the price bottoms out. People don't really know the value (generally) and will toss them up cheaply if they don't have a starting price to guide them like they would if they see a few posted at 200g each.

I'm willing to spend 100g per pristine black diamond and I have a few people who are scanning the AH for me and buying anything under 100g and cod'ing it to me in addition to me scanning the AH when I remember to. For awhile there was a handfull in the 200-300g range and prices weren't coming down simply because people would check before posting and see the value. However if you keep the AH clean of the diamonds you have a better chance of picking off cheaper diamonds.

Find someone whos grinding the insane achievement and find out what they will pay for black diamonds / librams / etc and add them to your snatch list or auctionator lists. Not only will you make their life easier but you'll also make some cash.

If you don't know anyone you can flip them on the AH. If you see one or two for 20 or 30 gold try buying them out and reposting for 100-150g. Buy up cheap librams of Focus, Protection, Rapidity and try to flip those as well.

For you rogues out there you know the junkboxes are typically sellers simply because you are the only ones who can farm them up. I'd honestly gladly pay 5-10g per junkbox but every time I mention how many I need I seem to lose the rogues interest.

For you scribes (and even non scribes) you can make rogue decks and piece together other cards for decks and try flipping those. It takes an insane amount of decks to get to exalted so if you can find someone grinding darkmoon rep you've hit a jackpot if you can work out a deal with them.

Signs of people grinding Insane in the Membrane:
People buying junkboxes
People buying librams of protection, focus, rapidity (only these 3)
People buying pristine black diamonds
People asking to turn in your darkmoon decks for rep during the fair or people buying rogue decks / etc

Any of these are generally good indications to make some easy money as all of the reps require a ton of work and random items.

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  1. Great post currently I have someone setup who is paying me 300g plus giving me my card on the epic Darkmoon Decks.

    Im not after the Insane achievement so it is quick easy gold.