Monday, November 16, 2009

Space-bound Gnome?

As some of you know I have recently been playing Eve. Not really playing but more like cracking out over the damn game. And I honestly have lost all interest in playing the economy game in wow. I still log on to talk to friends but that's about it. All I think about is Eve.

This isn't meant to really be a good bye of any sorts. I'll still be around the JMTC forums and I'll still be in the IRC. I just don't want to leave all of my readers just hanging because you guys are awesome and you guys are what made this blog so much fun to write.

If you have any questions or still want advice feel free to email me at or message me on the IRC / yahoo IM (silence42202) / JMTC forums.

Now I'll explain this new addiction of mine :D

First off if you want an 'easy' game to play then stick to wow, lol. People are not even remotely exaggerating when they say Eve has a suicidal learning curve. From the first time you log in til about 12 hours of play time you will be aggervated, lost, and thinking 'why the hell am I even playing this stupid game'. But if you try it out; hang with it. I promise you it does get easier (as long as you do the tutorial).

Eve is an open end mmo space game. I dislike sci-fi, I dislike star wars, and star trek. But this game is awesome. It's completely different from wow in the aspect that wow has an (attempt of an) endgame. Eve has zero end game.

Your train your character in different skills (you choose the order depending on what you want to do). The training is automatic and time based whether your on the game or not. You can queue up for 24 hours at a time. Training skills takes anywhere from 10 minutes to I think some of the longest ones are 2+ RL years? (might be mistaken. But it's a damn long time. I was told it'd take roughly 24 RL years to train every skill in the game). Different skills allow you to fly different ships, use different weaponry, use different devices, place more buy / sell orders (explain later) etc. Everything you do in the game revolves around this.

Now the economy on this game blows the living hell out of wow. Each station has its own market (auction house). You can see what other stations have in the same general area as you but outside of your regional area you wouldn't know. You can place items for sale for up to a year at a time (if I remember correctly). That is a sell order. You can hit up a popular misson hub and sell a million units of ammunition and set it for over the coarse of a year and fly to the other end of the galaxy and forget about it.

There's also a completely different feature which surprised me. You can place buy orders in a station. Like a reverse auction. To my knowledge there are zero vendors. Everything in the game is player bought and player sold (or received as a reward from a misson but even those can be bought). Nothing is 'bop' or 'boe'. You upgrade ships? You can sell it on the market or refine it down to raw materials.

That's a crash course explanation on the economy. There is so much more to it that I don't understand enough to really talk about.

For your PvPers out there, the pvp system is completely open. There are security zones. 1.0 to 0.5 security is pretty much pvp free. 0.4 to 0.1 is extreme low security and 0.0 is no mans land where player law runs the land (space?). You die? You lose your ship and any contents you had with you. Other players can loot your goods. So if you wanted to gank that trading vessel carrying millions worth of isk (currency) in trade goods your free to do so (they'd more then likely have protection with them though).

If I still have your attention so far then you'd be interested to knowing there is only 1 server. 300,000+ people in one world. A world so freaking huge I've yet to meet anyone who could tell me how long it'd take to get across the game. It took me about 30-45 minutes to go a fraction of the way to join my cousins corporation (guild).

If your interested has a 14 day free trial. Very few limitations on it compared to wow. We even have a JMTC channel set up on there for the JMTC community to still stay in touch.

If I seriously get back into wow I'll probably start blogging again but for the time being considered me retired on that game :)

Highest Amount of liquid - 93k
Current Estimated Value in mats - 75k

Was one hell of a run and I'm glad I could share my thoughts with you guys.


  1. *sadface* I will miss you Carbon!

    *Greedy Face* what's going to happen to all that gold and materials??? *sadfacex2* x_x

  2. I totally called this, when i saw that Anon post in the other post :P

    Should've posted it ><

  3. haha :P I've been asked to start an eve based blog :P

    definitely considering it :)

  4. Wow, I was only looking at EVE yesterday.

    The first time I tried it I got lost and could not complete the tutorial so I gave up.

    I'm going to download and give it another go.

    What is the social side of the game like?
    Is it hard to find a good Corp to join?

  5. Just a little info for you. IF you get the trial through steam, or get 'referred' by a friend you can get a 21 day trial.

  6. I gave it a try a few days ago but didn't find it very interesting. I think it's mainly due to the fact that I don't like the big open space environment which all looks the same no matter where you are. It could be that you have to click your target to be able to shoot them (how the hell am I supposed to click this tiny little moving dot?). Wasn't very impressed really but maybe will give it another try.

  7. Aw man...there goes my work WoW release. You killed it! Enjoy EvE : /

  8. The social side of the game is completely different then wow. People are typically helpful and nice when you ask for help (given its a legitimate question :P).

    There are thousands of corps and honestly I'm in my cousins corp which only has a small handful of people.

    @Belse - I don't click anything really on the screen. In the top right hand corner of the screen you have an 'overview' which is like your radar. You can click and do everything from that list.

    If any of you do try it out hop in channel 'jmtc' or mail drop me a mail. my char name is 'aeniec'.

  9. I've had friends playing Eve pretty much from launch, so I get to hear many of the stories about what goes on and to me it's pretty much a griefers paradise. the phrase "TRUST NOBODY" best sums up the game to me.
    One major corp was completly destroyed by an infiltrator, who basically opened up the Corps banks and warehouses so they could be looted, costing them billions of ISK in cash and goods (including starships) they infiltrator even went as far as disbanding the corp and then re-registering the name so the original members couldn't even start to restore it. Another event involved someone having their ship blown out of space by one of his team mates in a PVP contest. While I do enjot reading about some of the events in Eve, any game where I have to spend as much time watching out for the knife in the back as I do for the legitimate pirates is one I'm happy to remain a spectator of. At least in Wow when we had someone raid the guild bank, we could raise a complaint, in Eve that's simply viewed the price of doing business..

  10. So far, the people is friendly. But I am always suspecting scam from people. A little profit is acceptable, just don't rip me off.

    Nice to meet you in the other world, Carbon :)

  11. Hey Carbon!

    Glad to hear you are loving EVE - any thoughts on starting up an EVE based blog to take over from this one?

    Also, is it okay if I remove your site for the banner exchange, as you are apparently no longer updating this one at all?

    Shoot me an email via my blog - and you have my email I believe - and catch up some time :)

  12. EVE definately is a fun game, the ingame economy is awesome I love it, for a while I thought it was going to be the WOW killer for me. If you start an EVE blog that would be fantastic.

  13. I actually switched from EVE to WoW, and the reason is that once you move beyond the starter phase, the logistics of getting things done really starts to get overwhelming.

    In WoW, the mailbox and banks (personal and guild) make it easy to move materials around, and crafting items is simple and self-contained. In EVE, there is no real delivery system - you have to move materials around yourself, then find a place that will build it for you, then move the goods to market. As can be expected, factories near all the major trade hubs are generally full and expensive, so all this logistic effort takes a major chunk of time. Just got to be like a second job after a while.

    Also, don't fool yourself into thinking that 0.5-1.0 space is in anyway safe. If there's a profit to be made suiciding their ship to kill yours, you can bet that SOMEONE will do it.

  14. Any thoughts about blogging about your journey from lost pilot in a strange world to industrial king pin or something like that? I'm just starting now, as well, after reading your blog, and I'd love to see you start an eve blog.

  15. Hey there, i just found this post randomly through other goblin blogs and i saw that you are starting to play EVE, which i spent a lot of time playing.
    In one of your comments you write that people are very helpfull and stuff like that, so i just wanted to give you a heads up here.. People might be helpfull, they really are.. BUT! there is no security for scams WHAT SO EVER, and people will try to get a hold of your ISK/Assets or blow up your ship when given the chance, some do it for a living and some just for the lulz.
    you really have to think EVERYTHING through since you are never safe from scammers, ever.
    I was always extremely paranoid when playing EVE, and when i went back to WoW i couldn't let go of that mindset for a couple weeks :)
    There are also an immense number of both good and bad market scams, so you really gotta watch out there too, at least untill you get used to handling it.

    Anyways.. it's one hell of a great game and i really enjoyed it, actually i have sometimes been wondering why all you pro goblins even bother with WoW when EVE has such an amazing player run echonomy.. ENJOY!

  16. I recently started using Gnome Do as a launcher in xmonanot to replace the good old XMonad.Prompt, but because it integrates quite nicely into some other OS features. For example, suspending is a matter of pressing Ctrl-Alt-space and entering susp. There are a lot of other nice features like that. I still use the regular XMonad.Prompt to start programs, as it works just fine for that.

  17. Well I'm going to keep this post somewhat short. I have about 3000 rings to disenchant before the servers go down tonight and I still need to make glyphs.