Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off Topic - Pilgrim's Rep Buff

I got this and figured I'd pass it along for those of you working on reps (such as insane). Thanks again to AlexS for this heads up :D

I'm an active reader of your blog, and would like to say nice job on it. Just an idea for you to mention on an off topic post, This is is buff during pilgrim's bounty, and if it comes out, can be really useful for those of us trying to get the Insane achievement. Not sure if it increases rep gains from librams and the "Free Knot" quest but maybe some people would be interested.

From wowhead it looks like its whenever you eat holiday food. Hopefully this is something we can stock up on for even after the holiday (day of the dead bread still works and you can still summon the pet :P). Even more of a bonus if it's boe :P

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