Thursday, November 5, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Updated Saronite Shuffle

Well I went through and updated my saronite shuffle prices. Here is what I'm looking at currently:

1 ring = 2-3 dust, 1-2 lesser essence, 1 small dream shard
Dust = Currently at 2.5-3g. Basing everything off 2g each
G.E = Currently 12-15g each. Basing off 10g essences.
D.S = Currently 12-17g each. Basing off 10g shards.

1 ring yields the following:
75%: 4-6g in dust
22%: 3.33-6.66g in lesser essence
03%: 3.33g in small shards

To figure out the cost of one ring we do the following:
Eternal Earth = 8g (old pricing was 6.5g)
Gems = 1.5g (Technically I'm selling them to myself to prevent the "its free mindset")

1 eternal = 5 rings
5 rings = 8g + 7.5g (1.5g*5 gems = 7.5g) = 15.5g
15.5g / 5 = 3.1g per ring to craft

Going to use my typical 1000 ring batch which produces the following:
1000 rings * 3.1g = 3100g

75% of 1000 is 750 dust procs.
22% of 1000 is 220 lesser essence procs.
3% of 1000 is 30 lesser dream shard procs.

750 dust* 2.5 = 1875 dust
220 L.E. * 1.5 / 3 = 110 Greater Essence
30 shards * 1 /3 = 10 Dream shards

Total cost: 3100g
Total sales: 4945g
Total profit per 1000 rings: 1850g
Total profit per ring: 1.85g

Since I'm selling my gems to myself we can now figure out the cost of my saronite ore. I buy ore at 15g a stack still as there is enough of a supply for me at this price range.

We can assume that because of double gem procs on prospecting we will on average get 4 gems in which are not shadow / jade. ( I have it written down somewhere where I prospected over 1100 stacks and that theory held true)

4 gems @ 1.5g = 6g
15g - 6g = 9g per stack of saronite

You can plug in the numbers based on your server and follow what I did to see how it results for your server. I tried to explain it the best I could. If your feeling lazy you can always dig up the link to Sarainy's spreadsheet found in my archive posts and plug in the numbers that way as well.


  1. Forgive my foolish mind but given the idea 15g - 6g = 9g per stack of saronite. How are you recovering the 9 gold in this plan to make the math work?

    Forgive a noob at AH

  2. @Werecow - I'm cutting blue gems and selling them. On a large scale bases there are 6 gems with a 24% chance to proc. Factoring in double rare procs it's safe to assume in the long run you'll average 1 rare gem per stack.

  3. Cool thanks sorry I was just lookin at this from a enchanter view point.

  4. Ah no worries. The saronite shuffle is a somewhat commonly know process of JC / Enchanting. Where you disenchant crytallized rings (bloodstone band, etc) made from jc. So you take saronite, prospect it, burn the green quality gems to make enchanting mats, cut the blue gems to sell. basically your using 100% of the saronite to make money.

  5. Now of course the big question is--is this kind of profit margin worth the work?

    1000 rings for <2000g is a lot of work for very little gain--compare grinding 1000 elementals for instance, timewise it's likely comparable due to the need to prospect, craft AND de.

    Also, if you don't factor in blue gems, your greens are actually costing 15g/4 = 3.75g per gem, which makes shuffling pretty much a net loss.

    In other words, looking at your math, it looks like it would be more worth your time to simply prospect the ore and sell the green gems uncut. Perhaps it would not yield nearly as much profit as shuffling, but it looks close...and the time used for shuffling is considerable and could be better put to use elsewhere.

  6. Well the profit and everything is based at an absolute low. Which I explained in the beginning. Dust is 50-60g a stack currently but I based my profits as if I was selling at 40g a stack. Same with essences and shards.

    I did this because I was figuring out my limits of how low I will follow the market before I wouldn't post anymore. Now I know as long as prices remain well above 40g per dust stack I'm making money.

    Not sure if that entirely makes sense or not but it makes sense to me and I've been doing my pricing based around this method the entire time I've been shuffling and its been helpful in the long run.

  7. Yes, it makes sense to price compared the the lowest profit possible, that way you can know when to pull out of the market.

    Excellent post :)

  8. Also, with what he has said, it is a total of 8000 seconds, or sligtly more than 2 hours work to made and de the rings. I hate farming and wont do it, but at the minimum he is pulling in 1k/hour, and I am not sure where you can farm for that.

    The other side of this is that vendoring 3 bad gems per six stacks reduces the costs on the good ones, bringing the cost to 40.5 g.

  9. Not to mention adding in enchanting scrolls for things such as berserker and other well known high profit scrolls only increases the profit.

    I haven't touched based with the "bad" gems and factoring them in because sometimes I just vendor them, sometimes I'll cut and vendor if I have the time or I'll burn them for prisms, dream shards, etc

    The way I look at it is if profits come THAT close to breaking even to where I have to account for every little sale just to break even then its not worth my time. I'm making at a bare minimum 1.8g per ring but like its been pointed out I could probably bring that up as high as 2.3-2.8g given I accounted for every little thing. (which I probably should but I honestly have better things to do then crunch numbers all night :P)

  10. Carbon,

    Thanks a bunch for this post as I had an intresting ah day. I have a jc but never done much of any thing with him. Can you recomend cuts i should pick up first that sell well i realise each server is different but i got no idea what cuts to buy at this point.

    Thanks again.

  11. @Anonymous...
    I cut the following (only 1 cut per gem colour type because I don't have time to do the daily JC quest...too many alts):

    Blue: Solid Sky Sapphire (there are really very low options to the Blue gem, the Solid Sky is really cheap because there are many many people cutting them, but that is the main gem a Tank will use so it allways sells) (price very fluctuates from 9 to 50g...yeah...very high margin).

    Purple: The 8str+12sta is a really good option, don't know why but on my server it seems that there are a lot of RetriPalas/DK/dpsWarriors...and they use this gem a lot, maybe for META requeriments. (around 20g)

    Yellow: I still with the TRAINER option, the +16 Intellect... is a very good gem for those classes that wants a really big mana pool, like Holy Paladins. (15-20g)

    Red: +16str...sells better than the +16agi one, and due to the mentioned fact of Warriors/DK/Pallis on my server, and this being the best (blue quality) gem for them...It allways sells (50-60g).

    Green: I think that I'm cutting some like +int+spirit (Seer's forest emerald maybe?)... It sells well (15-20g).

    Orange: The +DODGE+STAMINA one... this cut comes from a BOE pattern, so you can buy it right now ;D...It sells very well (40-70g)... Is the main option for defense capped tanks looking for a red/yellow gem to achieve socket requeriments.

    I do not have more cuttings because I only want to dump my unccuted gems from the Saronite Shuffle, but it's working quite well with something like 200-500g income every night.

    Hope this helps.

  12. First off, even the 8000 seconds estimate is way off.
    Prospecting once-3 secs
    Crafting one ring-5 secs
    DEing one ring-3secs
    That's 11 secs per ring at LEAST, and factoring in the part where you have to break eternals, move stuff around in your bags, lag etc you're looking at a more reasonable 15-16 secs per ring. I haven't even factored in the time used at the AH to list that dust.

    In other words, you're turning 1800g worth for some 16000secs of work. Suddenly the shuffle is only turning in 400g/hour. That's almost the rate of dailies.

    Again I'm not saying it's not profitable. But in the goblin sense... it's not whether something is profitable, it's about whether it's worth your time to do it. If shuffling brings in less g/hour than farming, why shuffle?

    Obviously, your mileage may vary based on your server's prices. I can see your price estimates are fairly lowball as well. However, I'm just saying, in my opinion, at those prices, shuffling isn't worth your time. Even at a slightly more reasonable 3.5g/dust, it's still barely more g/hour than dailies, which any M&S can do.

    It's never about how much total you can make... it's about how much you make per hour of work, and that just isn't cutting it.

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  14. but keep in mind that most of the crafting process can be done while doing something else.

    Prospect: make a macro button for prospect and get an addon that moves lootwindow under your cursor. Macro the button on your mouse and your set for some clicking while doing something else.

    Crafting: Create all, check back 15 minutes later.

    Disenchant: same as prospecting, just alter the macros etc.

    In other words, saronite shuffle can be done afk/ half afk'ish... which makes the return rate a whole lot more appealing.

  15. Anonymous is right. The cutting is automated (until I run out of bag room), and with auto-looting enabled, I have simple Prospecting and Disenchanting macros, so all I need to do is poke the right key every few seconds. Meanwhile, I can watch TV or read something (dual monitors). By comparison, farming requires more engagement. I might not actually be able to AFK for the Saronite Shuffle, but I can almost do it in my sleep.

    Sadly my Enchanting and JC are on different characters though, so the mailing process adds a bit of effort.

  16. Mailing the crafted items is easy, just use this macro. For best results make sure your backpack is empty before you start crafting.

    /script MailFrameTab_OnClick(nil, 2)
    /run for slot=1,16 do local texture,itemCount,locked,quality=GetContainerItemInfo(0,slot) if quality==2 then UseContainerItem(0,slot) end end
    /script SendMail("CHANTER", "s", "")
    /script MailFrameTab_OnClick(nil, 1)

  17. BTW, be careful with copy/pate formatting the macro I posted above. Each line starts with "/". "/run" starts one line, "/script" starts the next line. Everything between must be on the same line or it won't work.