Friday, November 6, 2009

Subscribing to A Gnome's Conquest

After reading some other blogger's reasons as to why you should subscribe to your favorite blogs I thought it was only proper I help spread the word about subscribing.

As a blogger I know first hand what it's like trying to come up with new content to get more readers. Trying to write more controversial topics and speculation to try to generate readership. Majority of blogger's enjoy writing in general but we enjoy having people read our writing and knowing people are enjoying what we write. If we didn't care about those things we would make our blogs 'private' and more like an offline diary.

By subscribing to the blogs you do enjoy reading your not only letting the writer know that you enjoy the content they are writing about but your also staying in touch with their blog. The whole "out of sight, Out of mind" saying comes in to play here. If your constantly reading 20 blogs and forget to check one or two the likely hood of remembering to check the blog is less likely. By subscribing to the blog your in a sense staying in touch with any new posts the writer makes. So even the blogs that update once a week will have readership because you'll always know when they post.

So subscribe to those blogs you find yourself regularly reading. The 'readers' number may not mean anything to you but it does to the writers. If you do subscribe to the blogs you read already I wanted to say thank you for doing so on behalf of all the blog writers. It is much appreciated even if we never talk about it directly (it does feed us motivation).

If you enjoy the content I write about and read my blog on a regular basis please consider clicking here to subscribe.


  1. Totally agree. :)
    I've been a subscriber on several blogs for a long time now. It's the only 'permanent' way of showing interest in the content of a blog, and from my own experience, subscribers matter a lot.

  2. Couldn't agree more - subscribing is very important.

    It is important to the subscriber, because as you say it lets you keep up to date with new blogposts without ever having to check the website. This may not seem like much when you only check 5 websites, but it does when you want to check 100 a day!

    And that's the thing.. most people say "But I only check 5 websites a day, so why bother subscribing?" Are you checking 5 because they are the only websites in the world you care about - or more likely, because you don't want to have to check more yourself?

    If it is the later, then subscribing frees from you from the burden of manually checking, and allows to you to 'check' an unlimited amount of websites a day in seconds.

    It matters to blog owners too, as it is a motivational analytic - just like visitors. In fact I would rather have high subscribers and comparatively low visitors, because subscribers are generally the people that genuinely like your website.

    In fact they like it so much they maintain an effort to keep constantly updated with your website. They want to know the second you post anything new for them to read.

    All in all subscribing means a great deal to both parties, and it is a great thing to learn how to do if you don't know already.