Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing the AH part time

As I said I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to hit the gold cap while studying school and what not. While school is going to be my first priority I will still have other priorities as well. Sorry about the delay in posting. Crappy internet and honestly I just didn't have anything worthwhile to write. I'd rather keep my posts to wow and actually worthwhile of your guys' reading time.

I have a feeling I'll still be playing wow about the same amount of time as I normally do but for the past few months I've done nothing but AH pvp and while I'm not completely burned out on it I actually enjoy grinding goblin rep in dire maul (if that gives you any idea how much tolerance I've built up sitting in exodar for months). How long will this last? Who knows I have a pretty bad case of ADD at times and generally rotate my activities in game quite a bit.

I really liked the schedule I was doing and it worked for the amount of time I did it but I felt like I was scraping ideas together and the quality of my posts were degrading so while I'll still be updating my blog and playing the AH I'm only going to update as needed. Some weeks I'll posts 6 or 7 times and other weeks I'll post 2-3 times but one thing you can be guarenteed is posts of a decent quality.

Now on to today's post. How am I going to play the AH and hit the gold cap but spend as little time as possible doing it? Best way I can explain it is more routine posting and sticking to that. Instead of hourly bombarding of the AH during peak hours I'll post every morning on a 24 hour auction. What sells will sell what doesn't will be returned to be re-posted. My goal is to spend an hour or so every morning remaking gems, glyphs, etc that sold the day before and be done with it.

My gold income most likely will drop but this frees up my time for working on insane and still studying for school which is coming up here in a few weeks. I'll rely on having my disenchanter process my crystallized jewelery and I'll find someone to prospect my ore for a set price. I'll lose a little bit of profit but the amount of time I save is my main goal right now.

Are any of you guys part time AH players? If so how are you doing it? Drop me an email or leave a comment to give me some ideas. Right now I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to do this but I have a basic idea.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Update

I actually slacked off most of the week in terms of playing the AH. Combination of being busy getting my financial aid paperwork and such all figured out and my internet being good to me allowed me to get out of the city and do some rep grinding.

I was still sitting at 30k (estimated 5k sitting in my mailbox. Just been lazy to collect) until I bought my travelers mammoth. Yea, I gave in and picked it up since I'm working on the insane. Which is another thing I've been working on. I got revered with bloodsail and started grinding out goblin rep.

I also found a guidie whos willing to farm junkboxes for 5g a box. Even though I'm nowhere near working on that I need something like 1400 to hit exalted. With school coming up in about 3 weeks I'm looking to revise how I spend my time and I'm thinking I'm going to go to part time AH playing. I'll save that information for a post later on this week and how I plan exceeding the gold cap by cata still. :P

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Off subject but WOOT!

I just found out today my financial aid for schooling covers 100% of costs and I can start working on my BA for Software Engineering.

Yay. You may now resume your AH grinding ^_^

Concerning Yesterday's Comments

Hey I figured I'd make a post about this so everyone can see and hopefully clear up any misconception that may arise from the changes.

LargeRichard wrote:
"This plus the change to loot options to disenchant (even if your not an enchanter!) will surely cause the mats market to plummet. As and enchanter that worked hard (and paid a lot of gold) to get my skill up it doesn't seem fair. But I'm also going to be on the look out for those that are looking to dump mats off at bargain basement prices, some offers are just to good to pass up!"

I'm not sure if the disenchant option is in effect as of now or if that's a 3.3 change but I don't remember the last time I ran a heroic w/o an enchanter. It might drop prices a little but I don't see them plummeting because of it. All the enchanting mats are already mass producible.

Bobreaze wrote:
"Unfortunatley this is making the jc/enchant combo less viable we could see entier markets lower in price. I think i need to focus on my glyph person the vellum market looks great on my server. almost 80g for a stack of normal vellums even better for others."

I see one of two things happening. Either people will spend more on ore and eternals to offset this change and prices stay as they are or they wont spend more and prices crash. I personally am going to increase my prices that I buy ore and eternals at. I'll work on the math and will probably have it as my post on Tuesday about what my new prices and such are.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Disenchant Hotfix

Thanks to Kevmar of My Auction House Banker for providing us with this heads up. Figured I'd pass it along to you guys.

Unload that infinite dust fast and hold on to your disenchants. It sounds like there is a hotfix on the way to change the drop rates when disenchanting. Odds are this will be applied on next server reset. So some servers will see this sooner than others.

Behind The Scenes - Speculation

One of the best things about playing the auction house and being wealthy in wow is the ability to invest and take larger gambles to make even more money. This is commonly known to as speculation and today I'm going to talk about how I go about speculating.

There are a few numerous ways you can predict whats going to happen. A lot of it is simply paying attention to the now and noticing patterns. Other ways are reading patch notes or even holiday items for later in the year.

Here is something that I'm sure many servers are seeing and that is an increase in arctic fur. For awhile I couldn't figure it as to why there was this sudden spike in price where arctic furs have more then doubled in value. It wasn't until it was suggested in the IRC channel that we came to the conclusion of it being the sudden rush of ToC crafting.

Now I would say 3.3 we'll see a drop in furs until they release orbs like they did ToC but with the change in turning in leather for fur I don't think the spike will happen as much. But if you have an enchanter and a leatherworker why not stock up on some leather that you would normally buy for disenchanting and hold on to it? Worst case is you'll burn it up for enchanting in a few months. Best case is you can flip it for some nice profit. This leads me into the next two types of speculation.

Reading patch notes is basically like looking into the future for the winning lotto tickets and yet so many people DON'T read them. It's almost pathetic that nobody pays attention and uses this to their advantage. Sure titanium ore prospecting was known but how many people know there's 3 new glyphs coming from glyph mastery books? Read the patch notes and put 2 and 2 together. If they are changing something chances are you can make money off of it. For example leather to fur or saronite for titanium. Patch notes. Learn them. Love them. Live them? (couldn't think of anything else bare with me :P)

Finally one of the easiest ways to make money is off of holiday events. Look for non bop items to flip after the holiday. For example I'm buying up cheap jack-o-lanterns to flip the following weeks (even months) after the event ends. Why? Why not is the answer. I'm willing to take the risk in buying 100 jack-o-laterns for 1g each to sell for 5g each after the event. I have a year to sell them and eventually they will sell. Plus you never know when someone will need that item to complete their meta because they were procrastinating. Some of the items such as pets and recipes are huge money makers 4-6 months later. Winter helper pets on my server sell for 400-700g during the summer. How many of you bought up tankards to flip after brewfest? While I didn't personally (never really dropped below 1k on my server) I know a ton of people saved up tons of them and sure enough even on my server they are selling for double the price.

Speculation is based on knowing your server economy. Knowing the trends of the average player. You will lose on speculation often in the start. But when you hit the nail on the head perfectly its all that much sweeter. Speculation is a game all in its own. What else am I going to do with tens of thousands of gold?

Here's another little speculation tip that is pretty obvious. What happens when an entire server makes new worgen / goblin alts? 4 netherweave bags per person * 5,000+ people per server is a shit ton of bags. How much cloth have you stocked up? I personally have 2 guild tabs full and still buying :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Speculation - 3.3 Saronite

I've been trying for the past day and a half now to upload pictures and my connection is being dumb and not allowing me to do so. Which throws out the planned blog I had wrote up.

So I'll throw out a speculation post I was going to do this weekend and that's based on saronite. In 3.3 blizzard is removing the cooldown on transmute: titanium. What I foresee this doing is raising the price of saronite briefly for a few days until the price of titanium drops low enough for it to balance out.

So what I'm doing since I already buy up a huge bulk of ore is I've started to not process it. I'm still buying at my normal prices so if it doesn't work out its no loss but hopefully I'll make some nice money from flipping it on patch day.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tools of The Trade: FriendCor

Barretj over on the JMTC boards has written a new addon and it looks pretty interesting. I haven't had much time to use it (yay for crappy internet) but here's the run down on it:

What the addon does is anytime a person on your friends list logs off it records the time. If another person on your friends list logs in within 45 seconds it increments the likely hood that those two characters are related. Then after a few weeks (to collect data and thin out the noise of coincidences), you can look at the high numbers and be reasonably confident that those two characters are the same person.

It will take a while for it to gather data (unless you have a very active friends list).

  • /fc print [optional filter] - prints the correlations between friends, the higher the number the more likely they are to be the same person
  • /fc lastseen [optional filter] - prints the last time a friend was seen
  • /fc lastlogoff [optional filter] - prints the last time friends were seen logging off
  • /fc lastlogon [optional filter] - prints the last time friends were seen logging on

The filter is a partial string match (case insensitive), so you if you search for 'bub' it will give you that status of 'bub', 'bubble', 'beezlebub', etc...

If nothing is printed from any of the commands, it means the addon doesn't have the requested data (i.e. if you're doing a '/fc print' and nothing comes out, it hasn't found any correlations yet; if you're doing a '/fc lastlogoff tom' and nothing comes out it means that it hasn't seen tom log off).

Things to try with it:
  • If you're a scribe: 1) when you're by Jessica and notice someone buying inks for a while, add them to your friends list 2) keep your competitors in your friends list 3) FriendCor may be able to match the seller with the main!
If your interested in testing it out and giving feedback I'm sure Barretj would love to hear comments and suggestions on this thread.

You can find the addon here.

(I originally had a different post planned but it requires me uploading pics and for some reason blogger and photobucket would not upload pics so the post is put off til next week.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Auctioneering 101 - Finding A Farmer

So I've been sitting here most of the day trying to think of something I could possibly write about and while there are quite a few things I could write about I'm not really sure where to begin. So I guess I'll start with one probably the most common question I've heard around the auctioneering community: How do I find a farmer?

The answer is quite simple. Stay in trade and always keep an eye out for people selling bulk goods. You can also look through the auction house and send in game mail to the players who you notice are posting the appropriate quantity.

Also there seems to be (at least on my server) a pattern to how the farmers advertise their goods. Oddly enough farmers on my server NEVER deviate from this pattern and I can spot a farmer just by how their advertise. For my server they will always /2 WTS [Saronite Ore] [Titanium Ore].

Thats it. Only WTS [item] [item]. Can be herbs or ore and has yet to fail me. 99% of the english speaking community will generally tag something along with their links like pst, a price on the goods, or a quantity. From my experience I've yet to see a (non english speaking) farmer do this.

How do you maintain a relationship with your farmer? It's actually easier then you think. They care about one thing and that is money. They want to sell their goods as quickly as they possibly can and will generally sell things at 50-75% of AH value. Even cheaper if your buying everything they have. ;)

That brings me to my next piece of advice. Buy EVERYTHING they have regardless if you can use it or not. They remember this and if you continuously start buying everything from every farmer your name will get known eventually in the farming community. When I buy ore I buy all their titanium ore and bars, titansteel bars, every eternal, everything. Often times I end up spending 7-10k on a single purchase.

Now you might not be able to afford a 10k purchase and that's fine. Buy what you can but not to the point where you went broke. If you only have 10k spend 5-8k on goods and leave some play money on the side. Even flipping the eternals you picked up off your farmer is good income.

Also don't forget to barter with them a little. A few things I don't barter with and thats my ore and herb prices. Lotus, eternals, gems, bars, etc all get bartered. Why? because your buying these to flip generally and typically the profit margin is lower then your normal saronite shuffle or whatever you may be doing to make money.

Also I would like to note buying in game goods for in game curency is NOT against the rules and you WON'T get banned for it. I have purchased hundreds of thousands of gold in raw gathering materials. I have no idea what they are doing with the gold they receive. It's none of my business and blizzard will not take action against you. If it was against the rules I'm pretty sure 99% of the JMTC community would be permanently banned. ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Update

My goal was to break 30k by Monday morning and I broke it with a greatness card sale early in the weekend. I'm currently sitting on 31k liquid after spending 4-5k on ore and herbs.

It seems as if the ore farmers have left and the herb farmers have came back. Which is a great thing because I've noticed a few more people doing the saronite shuffle and eternal earth prices have been a little high the last few days (7-9g when normal is 6-7g each).

Currently I'm sitting on about 3200 ink of the sea and almost 500 snowfall ink with about 200ish stacks of various northrend herbs waiting to be milled. I've also picked up a couple hundred stacks of saronite ore and have kept the AH bare the entire weekend in an attempt to inflate the market prices to drive off the shufflers.

I've finally come to the point where posting glyphs on 1 banker is driving me insane and have shifted to 2 sellers. Rogue, Mage, Priest, and DK are on 1 and the rest on the other. I've also readjusted my threshold prices from 1.5g to 4g.

I'm pretty happy being back and having the ball rolling this quickly. My goal for next weeks update is to break 50k liquid which shouldn't be to hard considering I have a 100+ card batch coming up.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sorry! lol

I went through adding tags to my posts. I was unaware it would spam your feeders. :(

Not sure how it looks on the feeders but today's blog can be found here:

Sorry again and I won't backtrack last month :p

Speculation - 3.3 Glyph Books

Hey everyone, figured I'd give you a heads up on one of the things I've heard floating around the JMTC community.

Come 3.3 there are supposed to be 3 new glyphs that will be found in the books of glyph mastery. I'd suggest picking up a couple of these if your a scribe. Flipping them maybe be worthwhile as well depending on the number of scribes on your server.

Hope your guys' weekend is going good because I know mine has been. Update will be incoming tomorrow as scheduled. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Blog Schedule

So I've been thinking a lot about how I can improve my blog and what not. I've been keeping an eye on my google analytics and browsing other blogs and I came across some ideas I'd really like to adapt to my blog. It will help me plan my posts better to where I can write them out ahead of time and you guys will know what to expect.

Let me know what you guys think of this schedule. If you have a favorite blog of mine you would like to see more of please by all means let me know. I'd be happy to write about subjects you guys would like to see more of.

Monday - Weekly Update. I'm going to try not to update on a daily basis and I have broke that habit. I will update my progress and give a run down of my week.

Tuesday - Becoming an Auctioneer. My lessons learned playing the AH and how to go from a nobody to a tycoon in the AH. Expect to see different ah tactics and what not in these posts.

Wednesday - Tools of the Trade. Yep that's right. I'm turning this into a weekly thing where I'll pick 1-2 addons and write about them. Here's a teaser, Since KTQ is now on curse I've decided to write a review and a guide on how to use it. Due to knowing Kevmar I'm not rushing this so it'll be "soon" as I want it to be up to his standards. But it is coming. :)

Thursday -Low Level Auctioneer. Liked my 1-29 guide on things to sell while leveling? This will be similar and since 30+ are areas you can actually farm I'll dedicate posts to certain zones and areas for more details. Will even include low level profession recipes to make money off of and the sort.

Friday - Behind the Scenes. Liked my Behind the scenes Inscrption and JC posts? This will be a weekly topic now where I take part of my AH business and break it down and talk about it.

Saturday & Sunday - These will be random posts. Reviews, Guest posts, Speculation and the sort. Since I'm usually busy in real life over the weekends typically more then other days posts on these days will be random. Plus it'll give me time to write up new blogs for the week.

Now while that is a guideline to the posts during the week that is not the only things I'm going to post. Some days I'll post an extra item if I get a tip or something that I feel you need to know by the weekend or something that can't wait. Kev told me how to queue up blogs to where they post automatically. My new goal is to have blogs post on their own at 12:01 every night (Pacific Time, GMT -08:00).

This new schedule will go into effect Monday and I will take the weekend to get a head start on the posts. If you would like a guest post for this weekend feel free to write one up and email it to me at carbon42202 @ yahoo . com

Like always let me know what you think about this schedule and what not. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

JMTC IRC Chat Available!

This is just a temporary thing until we get something more permanent set up and to test out the water. But stop on by and say hey :)

Last night I had set it up with QuakeNet to see what people would think and it hasn't been empty since! From Kevmar to Zamboni to even Markco stopping by to say hi!

I've received nothing but positive things about this and will be looking to implement something more permanent to where the admins and mvp's on the forums can have admin power in the irc.

Please note that while this IRC is currently public please do not be obnoxious. If people start being immature we'll just shut it down and it will be on an invite basis.

If your interested in the IRC you can check it out here.

(Planned post is delayed because I spent to much time bsing in the IRC and didn't get a chance to pre-write it lol).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Removing Auctionator Singles Cap (Fxd)

Sorry about earlier. Fixed the color issue ;)

Like many people I was extremely annoyed with the Auctionator cap of 10 stacks of 1 only able to be posted at a time so in my quest to familiarize myself with lua and get comfortable with addon coding I figured I'd tried to find it and change it.

In the Auctionator.lua file you will see

900 is now the cap for single posts. Tested just now and confirmed.


Check JMTC if you want the post w/ proper code tags :P

Guest Post: Seth From One Copper!

Hi I'm Seth from One Copper, and welcome to my guest post here at Gnomes Conquest.

Today I would like to talk to you all about a profession that not a lot of people use for money and that is Leatherworking. Leatherworkers have some items that sell really well and fairly quick on the AH. Most being of course the rare and epic legarmors. Now these sell for about 20-50% profit on the AH.

What not a lot of leatherworkers do/know is selling over Trade. If you look closely to the /2 channel you see scribes, jewelcrafters and enchanters posting for work (and ofcourse the lfg and barrenschat lookalike entries) But a leatherworker doesn't seem to promote his goods. Now making a small macro for this can get you anywhere between 5 to 50G fee for crafting something for your customer with their mats. Nothing feels so good to have a 2second job that makes you money. Since 3.2 the drums have been reintroduced and are selling slowly but surely on the AH. I personally post my drums for the market price at the AH on my mule, and advertise in /2 on my leatherworker, telling the audience that I'm giving a 10% lower price then the AH. This means that my AH sells much more slowly but that I actually can sell a lot more just by undercutting myself. This ofcourse can also be a tactic for the legarmors or anything you craft.

Hope you liked my small gold making tip and be sure to visit me @

Kind Regards,

Making Money While Leveling Part 1 (1 - 29)

Now this isn't my typical kind of post. I generally talk about playing the AH from a level 80 point of view but meeting a newb on my server somewhat inspired me to talk about playing the AH while leveling. And it might help those of you make some extra cash while leveling your alts :)

The back story for those of your who don't read the JMTC forums is recently I've had to spend time in Exodar as my connection is utter crap (I'm using my neighbors network about a block away). Well sitting out here so much I tend to see names come and go but 2 people seemed to spend a ton of time in Exodar. I got to talking to them and found out they are brother and sister and new to wow. The brother is a AH junkie and has figured out he can monopolize on certain markets. He is currently level 38 and as of last night he broke 3k liquid gold (has over 10k in auction sales). This is someone who is completely new and so I've been giving him small pointers here and there and explaining what I can without spoon feeding him. Truly impressive and he is a JC and will be a future competitor which I really look forward to because I'm not going to treat him like a typical competitor. 1. His sister is cute and I'm a sucker for cute females and 2. I could possibly have him help me control the gem market and between the two of us we both can be rich. Sort of like an apprentice.

This guide is not a step by step guide on what to do. It is more or less showing you what to keep an eye out while your questing to make some extra money in the process (or if you like to mindlessly grind to level). Occasionally I will give exact coords but many times I will not. I'll tell you the general area and let you do the exploring yourself.

Well here it is. My guide to playing the AH while leveling. Broken up into the BG brackets

Level 1 - 9
Starting out I suggest picking up your professions early and figuring out what you want to do with it. There are various combinations and they all make money if played right. Here are the common combination's:

Mining / Herbing (suggest using spotter)
Mining / skinning
Herbing / skinning
Tailoring / enchanting

If your feeling really confident you could do mining / jc but forewarning your mainly going to prospect extra ore for your money. So unless you plan on taking your dear sweet time leveling this is not recommended (or if you have a main who is a JC lol).

Now because you can essentially level 4 characters and travel through completely different parts of the game I'll try to name certain spots as examples to teach you what to look for.

Level 1-5 will be in the newbie area and you honestly won't be making that much money here. You might find the occasional 4 slot bag but nothing worthwhile.

At 5-9 You'll be at the first starting town. (Goldshire, Bril, Kharanos, etc) This is when you can start picking up your professions. All of the previously mentioned combinations will work but I suggest two gathering professions unless you know what your doing. Mine and herb anything you come across (or skin). At these low levels you still wont be making a ton of money but you can get enough to get by. Things worth keeping would be various meats, eggs, greens, cloth, potions, ore, herbs, cooking recipes.

If your a skinner and a Dwarf / Gnome the wendigo cave southwest of Kharanos is a great place to skill up at and farm up some leather. The wendigos respawn relatively quickly.

If your an Orc / Troll farming for boar meat off the Dire Mottled Boar's is excellent source of income.

If your a Night Elf there are numerous furblog camps throughout the island. Linen cloth, the occasional gem and potion and coin are the common drops. (plus vendor trash grays)

At this level your pretty much farming while questing. One of the best tips I can give you is to kill EVERYTHING. It might take you an extra minute or two to reach your destination but the exp and loot adds up.

Level 10 - 19

At level 10 you should be finishing up the starting zones or just entering the second newbie zone such as Westfall, Silverpine Forest, Barrens, Darkshore, Loch Modan, Bloodmyst Isle, etc. Your pretty much following the guidelines as before.

Westfall - An abundance of beasts and humanoids here. Also along the coast you'll find murlocs. There are a handful of mines spread across the zone for you miners and packed full of humanoids for your tailoring needs. Along with the humanoids there are like I said tons of beasts. The birds drop feathers and eggs. Eggs tend to sell well on the AH because they are pretty boring to farm up and the opportunity cost for a level 80 makes it inefficient to farm.

Barrens - Fishing comes into play here. Deviate fish tend to sell well if your ally (not sure about horde). There is a zone wide recipe for savory deviate delights that can only be found here. On my server it sells for 700g+ (again I'm ally and it will vary server to server). Skinners can skin up extra deviate scales. There is one hidden jewel here that I absolutely loved while leveling up. The Kolkar's Booty chest. Level 13-16 kolkar mobs drop the key and the chest (last I checked its been awhile) drops a green item almost every time. Being ally I didn't quest out here but I did spend a good amount of time farming these guys for the keys.

Loch Modan - Like the Barrens there are humanoids and beasts everywhere. Also you'll find a decent amount of spiders which drop silk + cooking reagents (spiders legs / meat). Not my favorite zone in terms of questing. Westfall is a much better choice in my opinion but you could hit this area up first then hit up Westfall in terms of questing. I do however like this zone for herbing more then Westfall but that's about the only perk.

Silverpine Forest - For you horde players out there. Two words. Dalaran Spellscribe. This guy is a rare spawn over in the 63, 63 area and has a 19% chance to drop Cat Carrier (Black Tabby). Have a trust worthy friend help smuggle it through the neutral AH to the alliance side and sell it. I have a friend who has a horde DK parked out there and he sends over 4 or 5 every few days. Sells em for 1k each (prices may vary).

Again not to much you can "farm" but more then the previous bracket.

Level 20 - 29
If your on a pvp server this is where you generally will start entering contested zones such as Wetlands, Ashenvale, Duskwood, Thousand Needles and Hillsbrad Foothills.

Wetlands - Suprisingly this is a great zone for low level farming. There are quite a few items that drop here and generally sell well. Flamesnorting, Crimson, and Red Whelps all drop Tiny Crimson Whelpling. Granted this is an extremely low drop rate (about .7%) but generally sells pretty well. Especially for the level required to get it. Another great item is raptor eggs. There are raptors all over the place and they frequently drop eggs which sell fairly well also. (bonus for skinners). The Incendicite veins in the spider cave are a great spot to level your mining up (note: the ore does not sell well). Another decent Zone for herbing and a great zone for skinning. Mining not so much (besides the spider cave).

Ashenvale - Not my favorite of zones mostly because of the nightmares growing up on a pvp server during the initial launch of the game but there is one spot I loved and I farmed to death. The thistlefurs north of Astraanar are awesome. They drop pages to the shredder manual (horde only I believe) pretty frequently along with wool cloth. There is a cave somewhere in those hills and I would spend hours out there farming and grinding out exp.

Thousand Needles - Supposedly one of the best low level mining zones in the game. I honestly haven't spent much time here. However I do know that you can farm the Screeching Harpies for Vibrant Plumes.

Hillsbrad Foothills - Another zone I haven't spent a ton of time in but I do know of the turtles along the river are pretty awesome. You can farm up turtle meat, skinners can skin, they also drop Thick-Shelled Clams. Also the southern shore is packed with murlocs which drop the same clams as the turtles. Also skinners can check out the yeti cave in addition to the turtles.

Tomorrow I'll be posting levels 30 through 59 and leaving Friday open for 60 to 79 (Outlands and Northrend). I know most of you don't farm and don't like farming but there is only so much I can talk about in terms of playing the AH without getting to repetitive. So I'm trying to mix it up a bit. Let me know what you think and feel free to tell me to stick to talking about the AH cause I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to farming. :P

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Usual Update and Plans For Future Blogs

So I've pretty much finished up disenchanting most of my rings. Only about 20 crates remain and I figure they can sit for a bit since I have over 200 stacks of infinite dust and hundreds of greater essences. My plans for today are to make my glyphs and go on a carpet bombing spree. I picked up another 100+ stacks of adder's tongue and it looks like the herb farmers might be showing their face around my server which is definitely a relief. I'm going to stock up well on ink this time so I don't repeat what happened last month.

I'm still hovering at around the 5k liquid mark but I'm pushing for 30k liquid by the end of the weekend. It shouldn't be to hard considering I have close to 20k in just enchanting mats alone. Add in glyphs, gems, 2 greatness trinkets (5-6k each), 3 undeath trinkets, 4 prism trinkets and I shouldn't have any problems :)

I don't really have to much more to say as I've been doing nothing but disenchanting the past day or so. I've been tossing the idea around on writing up a mini guide on getting started in the AH game. I know I've touched base on this topic around the forums and you can read some my earlier posts on my blog to read my "story" of getting started but looking to get go a little further since I feel looking back I could have done things differently and what not. I'm not sure if I'll post it all in one post or if I'll break it up over a couple of days. What would you guys prefer?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Feedburner Added

Just letting you all know I've been toying around with Feedburner. It allows you to subscribe by email / etc. I'm still playing with the different options / etc so bare with my dust :)

Mind as well give a brief update. 13 hours and I'm still d/e'ing. I have 30ish crates left and have 200ish stacks of infinite dust (14k @ 70g a stack). /wrist

Wow Economic Review - New Blogger Index

Well I'm going to keep this post somewhat short. I have about 3000 rings to disenchant before the servers go down tonight and I still need to make glyphs. I'm still sitting on about 6k liquid; just trying to process everything but I feel that I'm ready to start my regular carpet bombings of the AH so my liquid should do nothing my sky rocket. ;)

I'd also like to announce the release of a new blogger index website. Thisheart has set up Wow Economic Review. A site that automatically updates when new blogs are posted and looks to be a great website for those of you looking for more reading material. Since it's a new website the blog selection is still in the process of being updated but currently there are 14 blogs listed.

If you have some free time and want to discover new blogs stop by Thisheart's website. You may find what your looking for. Also if you have a suggestion or idea drop him a comment and let him know. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Control Your Spending

I thought I would write about an important lesson I learned today regarding getting burned out in the AH and what not.

When I got burned out I was sitting on about 40-50k liquid ( I had just purchased my TOC tanking pieces). I was continuing to purchase large quantities of ore and herbs and eternals off the AH and from farmers but I had stopped posting on the AH and stopped processing.

While it's great for when I got unburned because I have more ore then I could ever care about and on top of it I have more stacks of rare gems I could probably fill up half of a second tab because the first tab is packed full.

The negative side is I was spending as if I was still bringing in an income. When I finally got back to playing the AH I was down to about 20k liquid. In the last few days I have purchased about 10k in herbs and 15-18k in titanium and saronite. Toss in another few thousand in eternals and some cheap snowfall ink and I had pretty much become broke. Again. I was down to less then 1500g at one point yesterday and praying people didn't cod me stuff. I'm back up to about 6k now.

Now I'm not overly worried about going broke. I know I'm not broke because I have more ink and gems to last me for a damn long time (an estimated 50-60k in mats). So lesson for today is, If your going to take a break from the AH, slow down your spending as well.

I'd post more but I have to jump back into prospecting and making rings. My goal is to be caught up by Monday night in time for the Tuesday bum rush on the AH.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Delayed Post

I might be able to post up a post tonight. If not I'll post one up tomorrow for sure. I'm currently swamped with herbs (picked up 400 stacks last night and another 150 stacks this morning) and with the fair ending tonight I need to get to processing these herbs and some cards pumped out.

Sorry in the delay just giving you guys a heads up.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tools of the Trade Revised

As promised I'm updating the Tools of the trade post since I felt like I left out a handful of addons last time.

Last time I wrote about Auctioneer Suite, Auctionator, QA2, ATSW, Skillet and Altoholic. While these are still highly recommended addons for sake of repeating myself if your interested in my opinion on them please check out my previous blog found here.

First up is one of my newly found favorite addons, Market Watcher. Mostly because I'm a graph nerd and the fact this takes a list of items in which I pre-built (similar to building lists in Auctionator) and scans the AH for the prices. It then will take that information and display it on a graph (omg :D) . If you know your market prices by heart (like I do) then it's somewhat redundant since I know whats normal and whats a bargain. However, like I said, I'm a complete graph nerd so the fact that my AH screen now has a graph window on it is freaking awesome. On a more serious note it is helpful on a long term basis on markets your not sure on. You can choose to show "trends" in which it'll add another line that averages all your other scans out and displays them in a gradual downward slope (dropping in price) or upward slope (rising in price).

Lilsparky's Workshop (LSW) is an addon that I don't personally use. Mostly because I don't rely on AH scanned data when I make boe items to sell. I will generally check AH prices and craft from there. I don't generally sell more then a handful of boe items but I can see where this addon is invaluable to armor and weapon crafters. This addon is also used by many glyph makers but again when I make glyphs I make 10 of each reguardless of price. My QA threshold in a sense tells me when to sell and when not to sell in that department. So if I sell something then it was in my price range. If that makes any sense at all then cool. If not then download it and check it out for yourself. :P

While this is not exactly an addon I still consider it an invaluable tool of the trade. Sarainy's Crafting Spreadsheet is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. To save those who have already read my review on it I'll spare you from having to read it again. For those of you who want to read my review on it check it out here.

In the organization department we have another one of my personal favorite addons, Bankstack. This addon doesn't have any graphical screen or anything and most of the time you won't even know its running unless you remember. What this does is organize your bags and/or your bank. While making your bank look pretty and all is cool an everything thats not where the true beauty of this addon comes into play. You can also compile your bags and / or bank. So if you have 3 stacks of Glyph of Disease and you need to make room you can compress the items and it'll automatically put the 3 stacks into 1 stack. Extremely helpful for glyph sellers.

For those of you who often find yourself needing the professions of others there is the addon called Gnomish Yellow Pages. While I don't generally need professions of random people (yay for friends :P) I found a different use for it. Picking up a new gem and want to get a cut that your competition doesn't have? GYP records players tradeskill links in trade so when your competition announces they are looking for work or if you're on an alt and whisper them for a link it records it. Now you know exactly what they can make and can choose your new cut accordingly. On the flip side if your like me and love to grief your competition you could always pick up gems in which your competition does have >:D. I don't have a ton of knowledge on this addon and I've only been using it for all of a day but from the sounds of it this will be one of those "how did I live without it" types.

Finally I found an addon that is similar to moneyfu for fubar but from the looks of it it'll be much more accurate. Auditor does pretty much as it sounds. It records everything from your postage fees to your auction house spending and selling. One of the newest features is it even tracks your gold in your guild bank. As with Gnomish Yellow Pages I don't have a ton to say about this addon since I've only been using it for a day as well but its already won me over from SL Data text (New generation fubar). (No that's not my info :P Stole from curse since I haven't used it long enough to get a pic like this :P)

Now I repeatedly appologize for dropping the f bomb on today's blog but for those of you who like to farm (I feel dirty now) and have both mining and herbalism on the same character this is an invaluable addon. Spotter will rotate between mining and herbing at set intervals. You can have it switch every 2 seconds or every 10 seconds. I used this briefly when my DK was mining and herbing and it was pretty cool. It did get to annoy me after a bit and I eventually just tracked one thing over the other. It was annoying to keep looking for a mineral deposit when the mineral disappeared off the map. I would think it was just rotating between the two but in reality it was because someone grabbed it before me. Other then that though its at least worth a look at to form your own opinion of. I personally can't stand gathering professions.

Hope that wraps up the addons in which I left out from last time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In addition to today's post

Forgot something on today's post. In my goal to get more interaction with my readers I'd like to let everyone know if you want to write a blog or have an idea for a post feel free to email it to me at and I'll rotate them in and out with my review posts. If you have a new blog and would like to get the word out as well let me know. I'd be glad to help you out since the economic blog community around here is extremely supportive of each other and helped me get off the ground. :)

I'm pretty sure I've said all this before but looking at my google analytics my page views are way higher then I thought they would be so I figured I'd let all the new readers know. :)

Review: Hit The Cap!

Writing the review for the spreadsheet yesterday got me to thinking. Instead of just putting up an update and not really writing a blog I would just write a review about fellow bloggers. Now I'm not expecting anything in return nor am I out to bash anyone's blog. There are a lot of great blogs out there and as my blog is to help you make money I think spreading the knowledge of the other blogs in which I read up on daily could help some of you make money by offering different view points and opinions.

My first blog review is going to be on Hit The Cap! written by Tella. Now I've chosen this blog as my first review mostly because I've been following it since she started writing it and it's been interesting to follow her progress. If you would like me to write up a review on my next slacking off day let me know. I'd rather write a review then a five sentence update about my progress in the AH.

The only negative thing I have to say about her blog is the blog archive for some reason doesn't show the individual posts so it makes it tough to backtrack on previous blogs.

The positives far outweigh the negatives. The blog is extremely well written and is always interesting to read. I personally am a fan of the light on black theme (obviously lol) which this blog uses. The posts are always worthwhile hearing how shes playing her markets and what shes doing to make money. All in all I'd definitely check out the blog and form your own opinion. :)

Also a big grats on Tella for receiving her Iron-Bound Proto Drake. I am definitely jeleous.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poll In Addition To Post

Just wanted to let you all know I've changed my layout a bit. It's still the light text on dark background but not as extreme. Let me know what you think via comments or the poll.

The Ultimate Crafter's Spreadsheet

So as asked I'm writing up a review on a new spreadsheet that came out by Sarainy, author of AH-Whoring.

My review is going to be unbiased and I'll talk about what I liked and disliked about the spreadsheet.

First off, I've never been a big fan of spreadsheets for professions. Get the thought out of your head that its because I don't know how to work excel (lol), I've taken god knows how many classes on the damned program. I've just always been more of a pen and paper when it came to that sort of thing. Now, it probably doesn't help that I don't have excel and until a few weeks ago I didn't know about google docs online excel program. But none the less here is my review.

I'll get the bad out in the air and out of the way. There really aren't a whole lot of negative things to say about this spreadsheet. I tore apart the formulas and double checked everything and while I personally would have done it differently in terms of writing the formulas; This isn't my spreadsheet so it's not really fair to judge based upon that (or is it? :p). When I first opened it up I was really lost. There is a brief explanation of everything but I couldn't figure out why there were not numbers showing up and the sort when I realized I was supposed to replace the x with the value. On the fairness note, it looks like Sarainy changed it to where there are default values already input and I think this is a huge help to anyone who sees it for the first time. That pretty much wraps up the negative things I have to say and really I don't think it was all that negative. (I could have said this sucks l2excel :P I kid I kid)

The reason for getting the bad out of the way first is I want you to finish reading this with a positive vibe on the spreadsheet. There is a TON of work put into this spreadsheet and I'm pretty sure it is the first spreadsheet that someone has put together that not only goes into great detail about one profession but it goes into great detail about ALL the professions. From Alchemy to Tailoring. From milling to prospecting. It is found on this spreadsheet.

First thing you do when you open up the spreadsheet is input all the values of various different mats (infinite dust, ore prices, gem prices, eternal prices, etc). Once that is done hop over to each different page for the profession and check out the values.

The nice thing about this spreadsheet is it is extremely handy for the people like myself who play in more then one market. And for those who offer advice to people on markets they aren't 100% on. I can plug in a few numbers into the spreadsheet and be able to tell someone that on average they will be able to make a profit on said strat given x,y,z match up.

It is also extremely handy to figure out your max price limit on certain resources. You can play with the value of say eternal earth and figure out at what point you want to stop purchasing because you're no longer making money.

From the first time I saw the spreadsheet til now it looks like it has changed quite a bit which is a good thing. Sarainy has been adding more and more to it and it just keeps getting better in my opinion. One of the newest additions to the spreadsheet is for darkmoon cards (at least I think it's newly added lol) where it tells you your cost per card and the average value per card you make and whether or not you make money.

All in all this is a spreadsheet is pretty badass. It takes a few minutes to set up (even longer if you don't know your server's prices [shame on you for calling yourself an auctioneer :P]) but it is well worth it. It is definitely a "tool of the trade" and I look forward to including in my updated tools of the trade post.

Once again here is the link of the Crafting Spreadsheet, Courtesy of Sarainy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ultimate Resource - Time

Now that I've given you the run down on how I run my two main professions I want to point out that it doesn't do any good if your a tycoon in the AH if you can't properly manage your time.

Now I'm first to admit that I was not the best at managing my time spent on certain tasks. And in doing this much in the AH you run the risk of getting burned out which is what happened to me. I got to the point where I didn't even want to log on wow or JMTC or anything to do with making money. Now I've recouped somewhat and have some motivation to get the ball rolling again I realized I need to do things differently to prevent myself from getting burned out completely. Because whats the point in making tens of thousands of gold if I'm not going to log on to enjoy it?

As you all probably know by now I dabble in the JC, Inscription and Enchanting markets. Before I got burned out I tried to process everything in 1 step. If I had 500 stacks of ore I would burn through them all. If I had to d/e 1000 rings I would burn through em (when I didn't mail them to my disenchanter). Here is how I'm planning on dividing up my time to where I'm constantly doing something but not doing the same thing repeatedly to get burned out.

1 hour a day will be prospecting
1 hour a day will be milling
2 hours for remaking glyphs (Doubt it will be that long but one of the few "must do all at once" chores)
30 minutes will be for making gems
1 hours will be for disenchanting

That totals up to be 5.5 hours. Which sounds like a lot of time but I used to spend 2-3 times more then that doing each thing trying to stay caught up.

I wont have any problems setting the rest of the ore to the side to be worked on at another time. This in return will always ensure I have ore to prospect, herbs to mill, and items to d/e.

Also if you have my blog linked on yours and I don't have your blog linked on mine please inform me. I'd love to return the favor but I really don't know who has me linked.

Hope this helps you newer AH players prevent you from experiencing what I did. Burn out.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Behind The Scenes - Jewelcrafting

Hey everyone. Been really busy here in the real life world and the little bit of internet time I have had I dedicated to helping with writing up FAQs and such. Today I'm catching up on things so here's the post I talked about earlier in the weekend about my JC / enchanting combo. I know all this knowledge is common information and easily found on other sites but I figured maybe I do something slightly different that could help you guys.

First of all my "set up". I have JC and enchanting on 1 character and I have a friend who disenchants all my crystallized jewelery for 20% of the mats. I actually think hes still digging his way out of the 70+ crates I sent him on Friday. I have currently a 6 tab guild bank. I have 1 tab dedicated to my epic and rare gems and 1 tab dedicated to enchanting mats. I keep a 24 slot gem bag on my JC and keep 2 stacks of each color gem and quality (so 2 scarlet ruby 2 bloodstone, etc). The uncommon gems are there for JC dailies and the sort and do not get disenchanted. The rare gems I cut and ship off to my gem seller. Now when I prospect I fill up my gem bag and mail off all the rare gems to my banker who tosses them in the gem tab in my bank. I then start burning off the uncommon gems and mailing them off to my disenchanter.

My back stock is large enough to survive off of for a few weeks. I have atleast 500+ of every color except autum's glow and ruby but even those are in the 150-200 range for my backstock. I mostly deal with rare gems but I'm slowly working my way into the epic gem market. I have about 10-20 of every epic gem and 2 of every color for cuts except zul where I only have 1.

My selling patterns vary quite a bit depending on how busy I am. I generally post once in the morning and will cancel and repost once right before peak hours but usually I don't get around to it and I still bring in a decent 1-2k for a day. When I post I cut every cut I have. I have 5 solid sky sapphires, 2 of every forest emerald, 3 of every monarch topaz, 5 of every scarlet ruby, 4 of every twilight opal and 5 of every autum's glow. I post everything (unlike my glyphs) and have recently switched from 12 hour listings to 24 hour listings. For epic gems I post 2 of every cut and post them for 12 hour listings still.

Now you may be wondering on epic gems if I buy them uncut or prospect for them. Currently I prospect for them as recently the price on titanium has dropped to 275g- 325g a stack and cut gems sell for 200-300g per cut. While I am technically losing money I'm not really because of the powder. It's allowing me to pick up more recipes so in a sense I'm almost breaking even when you count in the d/e from uncommon gems and the rare gems.

Some servers you might have to babysit quite a bit more but I've pretty much broken most of my competition on my server with the constant AH crashing. For a while I was crashing the market every week. I would cut 10 of every gem and throw them up for 48 hour postings at 10-12g a cut. People on my server are such sheep that they chain cut off of my listings and drove prices down even more to the point where I was buying their gems and vendoring them for profit. I generally would only post once and after 48 hours my auctions expired but the market stayed crashed until Tuesday when the demand for gems spikes and reset the markets til the next weekend. After a few weeks of this I was free to post at normal prices and eliminated a lot of my competition. One of the days I even pulled in 4k and I only posted once for 24 hours and walked away.

Now I'm not saying the goblin way is the way to go. But once you have so many uncut gems that you don't know what to do with them its a very good tactic to make your competition lose interest. Even at 10-12g for gems I still make a profit as my saronite prices are almost non existant.

I use a few addons for my operation but they are no different then my glyph set up. I use altoholic, skillet and QA. Anyways if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer them :)

Friday, October 2, 2009


Just got home from fishing and out to eat w/ family. It'd been an extremely long day (about 15 1/2 hours) and I'm passing out.

Sorry I didnt get to a blog today. I should be home relatively early tomorrow and will post one up.

Going to talk about JC / enchanting and my set up.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Behind The Scenes - Inscription

So I started posting auctions yesterday even though I said I wasn't and the reason is I really .. really.. need to get a job.

Being 25 and living with your parents is only .. acceptable.. for so many months (oh how I miss my own place :P) so I posted yesterday morning and hit the streets in search for a real job. Found a small handful of places that were hiring so hopefully something becomes of one of them.

Back to today's post. I haven't really done anything recently but updates and seeing as how Inscription is how most of you are making money I thought I'd go into detail about my Inscription strategy and break things down.

Where to start.. I guess I'll start with my costs.

I buy any high end herbs for under 17g a stack making my Ink of the sea cost 2.8 each since I do not sell my snowfall ink. I buy any low end herbs for under 10g a stack. If you haven't purchased all your glyph mastery books; do so lol.

Now this is where I am different then most scribes. My QA threshold is 1.5g. Now you may be asking why in the world would I have my threshold so low and lose money on sales? Well the answer is quite simple. I don't have to worry about pesky goblins for one since I know anyone whos undercutting me is definitely losing money (snowfall ink has no market).

Apologies for not remembering who said it on JMTC but the best way how I can sum it up is by comparing it to McDonalds. They don't order 15 double cheeseburgers and 20 big macs (Having worked there as a kid this is true :P). They order 100 lbs of meat, 20 pounds of lettuce, 600 buns, 30 lbs of cheese. They know they lose a little bit of money off of their dollar menu and thats fine. The 6 dollars for the quarter pounder meal makes up for it as it only cost them $2 to make it.

I run my glyph business the same way. I lose some money on the low end but I sell plenty of glyphs for 50-75g which makes up for it and then some. That's not including the glyphs that sell for 10-30g which is majority of the glyphs on my server.

So not only do I prevent the goblins from making money but I effectively prevent them from even thinking they make any money as I carpet bomb the glyphs hourly during peak hours.

Now that we talked about my cost we'll go into my inventory. I currently make 10 of each glyph. If a glyph sells out I make 13 of it. Unlike others I only use 1 alt for posting. I have 11 32 slot bags on a banker. Now granted I don't have all the glyphs and eventually I'll have to split them up into multiple posters (I think) but for now it is working with just one.

I'm slowly pushing trying to push to 15 of each glyph but herbs have been in short demand lately. Even with 10-13 of each I can still carpet bomb hourly for almost 12 hours without running out. I try (keyword try :P) to cancel every night before bed but if I don't it's no big deal as they'll be in the mail in the morning ready to be re-posted. Now obviously I can't carpet bomb hourly on the top selling glyphs for 12 hours but that's ok. I try (again keyword) to make glyphs daily. So if I managed to sell out in one day then I'll make some extra.

On to the fun part of aggravating your competition. The QA carpet bomb aka glyphs of dooom (Sorry Invader Zim refrence). I usually post at about 8-10 am server, noon, and 3-4 pm. My server's peak hours start at about 4 pm and last until about 8 pm. (10 pm on weekends). During peak hours I try to carpet bomb hourly on the hour. I've even told competition when I post (They were only at 300ish inscription and I knew they didn't use QA so I got cocky :P) but what can he do? He actually stopped posting in glyphs when he found out how my operation works and last I heard he was considering picking up a new profession. No.. I didn't tell him I was in the gem and enchanting markets on top of it. I'll let him figure that out himself. :P

Now throughout the day you may be itching to empty your mailbox. I personally let all the mail build up on all my alts and empty it at about 10-11 pm server time. There's no better feeling then emptying 2k worth of glyph sales then turning around and emptying 3-4k in enchanting mats and another 2k in gems. Definitely brings a smile to my face.

Now I'm assuming most of you have Inscription already but hopefully it sparked some ideas and helps you make more money. As always this is just how I do it. Your server could be completely different and using my strategies might not work. If so I'm sorry but that's the risk you take playing the AH. There's a popular saying and its "Don't fuck with it if it's not broke". Later peeps. It feels great to write again. Hope this makes up for the lack of quality posts. :P