Thursday, October 22, 2009

Speculation - 3.3 Saronite

I've been trying for the past day and a half now to upload pictures and my connection is being dumb and not allowing me to do so. Which throws out the planned blog I had wrote up.

So I'll throw out a speculation post I was going to do this weekend and that's based on saronite. In 3.3 blizzard is removing the cooldown on transmute: titanium. What I foresee this doing is raising the price of saronite briefly for a few days until the price of titanium drops low enough for it to balance out.

So what I'm doing since I already buy up a huge bulk of ore is I've started to not process it. I'm still buying at my normal prices so if it doesn't work out its no loss but hopefully I'll make some nice money from flipping it on patch day.

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