Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Ultimate Crafter's Spreadsheet

So as asked I'm writing up a review on a new spreadsheet that came out by Sarainy, author of AH-Whoring.

My review is going to be unbiased and I'll talk about what I liked and disliked about the spreadsheet.

First off, I've never been a big fan of spreadsheets for professions. Get the thought out of your head that its because I don't know how to work excel (lol), I've taken god knows how many classes on the damned program. I've just always been more of a pen and paper when it came to that sort of thing. Now, it probably doesn't help that I don't have excel and until a few weeks ago I didn't know about google docs online excel program. But none the less here is my review.

I'll get the bad out in the air and out of the way. There really aren't a whole lot of negative things to say about this spreadsheet. I tore apart the formulas and double checked everything and while I personally would have done it differently in terms of writing the formulas; This isn't my spreadsheet so it's not really fair to judge based upon that (or is it? :p). When I first opened it up I was really lost. There is a brief explanation of everything but I couldn't figure out why there were not numbers showing up and the sort when I realized I was supposed to replace the x with the value. On the fairness note, it looks like Sarainy changed it to where there are default values already input and I think this is a huge help to anyone who sees it for the first time. That pretty much wraps up the negative things I have to say and really I don't think it was all that negative. (I could have said this sucks l2excel :P I kid I kid)

The reason for getting the bad out of the way first is I want you to finish reading this with a positive vibe on the spreadsheet. There is a TON of work put into this spreadsheet and I'm pretty sure it is the first spreadsheet that someone has put together that not only goes into great detail about one profession but it goes into great detail about ALL the professions. From Alchemy to Tailoring. From milling to prospecting. It is found on this spreadsheet.

First thing you do when you open up the spreadsheet is input all the values of various different mats (infinite dust, ore prices, gem prices, eternal prices, etc). Once that is done hop over to each different page for the profession and check out the values.

The nice thing about this spreadsheet is it is extremely handy for the people like myself who play in more then one market. And for those who offer advice to people on markets they aren't 100% on. I can plug in a few numbers into the spreadsheet and be able to tell someone that on average they will be able to make a profit on said strat given x,y,z match up.

It is also extremely handy to figure out your max price limit on certain resources. You can play with the value of say eternal earth and figure out at what point you want to stop purchasing because you're no longer making money.

From the first time I saw the spreadsheet til now it looks like it has changed quite a bit which is a good thing. Sarainy has been adding more and more to it and it just keeps getting better in my opinion. One of the newest additions to the spreadsheet is for darkmoon cards (at least I think it's newly added lol) where it tells you your cost per card and the average value per card you make and whether or not you make money.

All in all this is a spreadsheet is pretty badass. It takes a few minutes to set up (even longer if you don't know your server's prices [shame on you for calling yourself an auctioneer :P]) but it is well worth it. It is definitely a "tool of the trade" and I look forward to including in my updated tools of the trade post.

Once again here is the link of the Crafting Spreadsheet, Courtesy of Sarainy.

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  1. Wow what can I say, this is an amazing review of the crafting spreadsheet!

    Don't worry about mocking my excel skills, I am the opposite of you then apparently as I have never had lessons in it at all, everything is self taught. As such there are probably 'better' ways of doing things that I simply don't know about - so please tell me if you think there's something horribly inefficient or wrong!

    The idea spawned from seeing a handful of spreadsheets out there that were GREAT. It wasn't like "Oh, there are no decent crafting spreadsheets - I better make one of my own!" The problem was that there wasn't a single one (to my knowledge) that had EVERYTHING.

    And as you said yourself, if you are working in multiple markets - which most of us are - having the ability to see how everything interacts is vital.

    Again thank you so much for all the time and effort spent putting this review together!!