Thursday, October 15, 2009

JMTC IRC Chat Available!

This is just a temporary thing until we get something more permanent set up and to test out the water. But stop on by and say hey :)

Last night I had set it up with QuakeNet to see what people would think and it hasn't been empty since! From Kevmar to Zamboni to even Markco stopping by to say hi!

I've received nothing but positive things about this and will be looking to implement something more permanent to where the admins and mvp's on the forums can have admin power in the irc.

Please note that while this IRC is currently public please do not be obnoxious. If people start being immature we'll just shut it down and it will be on an invite basis.

If your interested in the IRC you can check it out here.

(Planned post is delayed because I spent to much time bsing in the IRC and didn't get a chance to pre-write it lol).

1 comment:

  1. Oh sounds interesting, I might check it out. I don't have time to raid these days but still manage to log on WOW and play the AH. I never get tired of that, or pvp. ;)