Friday, October 23, 2009

Disenchant Hotfix

Thanks to Kevmar of My Auction House Banker for providing us with this heads up. Figured I'd pass it along to you guys.

Unload that infinite dust fast and hold on to your disenchants. It sounds like there is a hotfix on the way to change the drop rates when disenchanting. Odds are this will be applied on next server reset. So some servers will see this sooner than others.


  1. This plus the change to loot options to disenchant (even if your not an enchanter!) will surely cause the mats market to plummet. As and enchanter that worked hard (and paid a lot of gold) to get my skill up it doesn't seem fair. But I'm also going to be on the look out for those that are looking to dump mats off at bargain basement prices, some offers are just to good to pass up!

  2. Unfortunatley this is making the jc/enchant combo less viable we could see entier markets lower in price. I think i need to focus on my glyph person the vellum market looks great on my server. almost 80g for a stack of normal vellums even better for others.

  3. ....But... if disenchanting now provides more Infinite dust..where is the problem!?!? A market flooded!!?!??... I personally, have been flooding the market, this weekeng I've been putting around 150-200 stacks of 5 Infinite Dust and THEY ALL SELLS... no mather how many I put...they allways sell, been doing this for years, allways puttings for hundreds, even thousands and they sell in max 48h.

  4. yea the enchanting market as we know is already flooded beyond belief. This is a simple case of supply and demand in one of the purest forms in the game. How does this affect it? well the answer is simply put as "people as stupid". People can in the sense sell for cheaper because "they get more".

    For example M&S1 is used to selling 5 dust for 10g that he gets from a shadowmight ring. Now he suddenly gets 7 or 8 dust so he could think of it as "i'll sell the 7 or 8 for 10g".

    Thats how it can affect the market and cause prices to go down. the way you can counter this is to inflate ore / eternals prices to help counter it but again this is server dependant and may not work. (my disclaimer.. like always play the ah smart and a little common sense goes a long ways).

  5. The hotfix never hit. It's probably just a matter of time, but Blizzard has held off on tanking the enchant mat market for now. Start selling and keep selling, but keep inventory low.

  6. The hotfix has been implemented for about a week now. crystallized jewelry gives 2-3 dust and shadowmight gives up to 7 I believe.

    Prices have come down a little but eternal and ore prices are going up (for me at least).