Sunday, October 11, 2009

Control Your Spending

I thought I would write about an important lesson I learned today regarding getting burned out in the AH and what not.

When I got burned out I was sitting on about 40-50k liquid ( I had just purchased my TOC tanking pieces). I was continuing to purchase large quantities of ore and herbs and eternals off the AH and from farmers but I had stopped posting on the AH and stopped processing.

While it's great for when I got unburned because I have more ore then I could ever care about and on top of it I have more stacks of rare gems I could probably fill up half of a second tab because the first tab is packed full.

The negative side is I was spending as if I was still bringing in an income. When I finally got back to playing the AH I was down to about 20k liquid. In the last few days I have purchased about 10k in herbs and 15-18k in titanium and saronite. Toss in another few thousand in eternals and some cheap snowfall ink and I had pretty much become broke. Again. I was down to less then 1500g at one point yesterday and praying people didn't cod me stuff. I'm back up to about 6k now.

Now I'm not overly worried about going broke. I know I'm not broke because I have more ink and gems to last me for a damn long time (an estimated 50-60k in mats). So lesson for today is, If your going to take a break from the AH, slow down your spending as well.

I'd post more but I have to jump back into prospecting and making rings. My goal is to be caught up by Monday night in time for the Tuesday bum rush on the AH.

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  1. I have done this too. Where I kind of stop working a market, but never stop buying the mats for it. I bring some control to the market by never letting it crash. Sometimes I feel like I am forced to keep buying it or the market will crash.

    I don't think I have invested that much of my gold in a long time. It does show that you are putting your gold to work for you.