Saturday, October 24, 2009

Concerning Yesterday's Comments

Hey I figured I'd make a post about this so everyone can see and hopefully clear up any misconception that may arise from the changes.

LargeRichard wrote:
"This plus the change to loot options to disenchant (even if your not an enchanter!) will surely cause the mats market to plummet. As and enchanter that worked hard (and paid a lot of gold) to get my skill up it doesn't seem fair. But I'm also going to be on the look out for those that are looking to dump mats off at bargain basement prices, some offers are just to good to pass up!"

I'm not sure if the disenchant option is in effect as of now or if that's a 3.3 change but I don't remember the last time I ran a heroic w/o an enchanter. It might drop prices a little but I don't see them plummeting because of it. All the enchanting mats are already mass producible.

Bobreaze wrote:
"Unfortunatley this is making the jc/enchant combo less viable we could see entier markets lower in price. I think i need to focus on my glyph person the vellum market looks great on my server. almost 80g for a stack of normal vellums even better for others."

I see one of two things happening. Either people will spend more on ore and eternals to offset this change and prices stay as they are or they wont spend more and prices crash. I personally am going to increase my prices that I buy ore and eternals at. I'll work on the math and will probably have it as my post on Tuesday about what my new prices and such are.


  1. It's on the PTR now for a potential 3.3 release. As for running heroics with an enchanter from my experience you are the exception to the rule, probably because you already know how to make gold. A lot of the times I run with people I don't really know (and even some of the people I do know) even after I tell them I am an echanter and offer to DE any BoP and we can roll on the mats at the end they want to greed it so they can just sell it. Most people don't seem to realize how much they can make off the mats or don't want to wait that long.

    This seems to negate my previous comment however I think the mats market will crash not because people DE in instances and post the mats but because the will run instances and DE when they needs mats for enchanting, seeing as how they consider this free, instead of buying the mats off the AH (at least not buying as much as they do now). Also some people will DE the mats in instances and sell them ridiculously cheap on the AH because in their minds they got those itmes for free so any gold is good.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out if this change makes it in for 3.3. Could be like you suggest and nothing much changes, either way the news alone has the chance to cause a flood of mats on the market.

  2. Well from what I have heard and understand is that you can select greed or disenchant.

    So those people who dont want the d/e that you experienced because they rather sell for instant money can still choose that option.

    Player A - greed
    Player B - d/e

    Now if player A wins they get the item to vendor. If player B wins they get the enchanting mats. Your M&S who want instant money will still choose the first option. Or not. Who knows lol. I'm still on the fence about it all.