Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Usual Update and Plans For Future Blogs

So I've pretty much finished up disenchanting most of my rings. Only about 20 crates remain and I figure they can sit for a bit since I have over 200 stacks of infinite dust and hundreds of greater essences. My plans for today are to make my glyphs and go on a carpet bombing spree. I picked up another 100+ stacks of adder's tongue and it looks like the herb farmers might be showing their face around my server which is definitely a relief. I'm going to stock up well on ink this time so I don't repeat what happened last month.

I'm still hovering at around the 5k liquid mark but I'm pushing for 30k liquid by the end of the weekend. It shouldn't be to hard considering I have close to 20k in just enchanting mats alone. Add in glyphs, gems, 2 greatness trinkets (5-6k each), 3 undeath trinkets, 4 prism trinkets and I shouldn't have any problems :)

I don't really have to much more to say as I've been doing nothing but disenchanting the past day or so. I've been tossing the idea around on writing up a mini guide on getting started in the AH game. I know I've touched base on this topic around the forums and you can read some my earlier posts on my blog to read my "story" of getting started but looking to get go a little further since I feel looking back I could have done things differently and what not. I'm not sure if I'll post it all in one post or if I'll break it up over a couple of days. What would you guys prefer?


  1. Imho i would just throw it out on this blog and take it down after 7days. Just as a blog reader treat for us daily viewers.

  2. Hmm. Good idea I might play around with something like that. The only reason I wouldn't do something like that is because I know I personally back track and read older blogs on websites when I want to refresh my memory on something. So if I took it down and one of my daily readers wanted to read it later on it would penalize them.

    But I will keep it in mind :)

  3. Is there a reason you are not selling the mats as you create them? Why store them up to drop them all at once?

    I guess you must be on a higher pop server than me, because I can't buy enough raw mats to create that many rings per day. The amount of herbs is really low too.

  4. I usually do. I'm trying to get caught up from my break when I wasn't selling but I was still buying. I still have hundreds of stacks of ore and about 30 crates of herbs still to mill. The gems I processed were gems from my 600 stacks of ore binge.

    I'm only on a medium low population server but I have several farmers who sell me hundreds of stacks of ore at a time. Last time I picked up ore I spent a good 10k in 1 purchase.

  5. I'm interested in how you find farmers like that. I've tried whispering some of the guys mining late night, but they are apparently *cough* unsocial. I guess they mail it to someone else who sell the ores. Every tip is welcome. And I just found your blog btw, reading it from the beginning now :). Looking really good!

  6. I honestly have no life. In wow or real life :P I'm generally in trade all the time and I just keep an eye out for people selling herbs and ore.

    Generally farmers always ad the same way plus when you continuously wipe out farmers clean of their stock they remember you ;) I even have one farmer that messages me everytime I log on that alt with "hello boss I missed you" lol :P

    Farmers come and go but you just got to keep an eye out. If someone is selling adder's tongue ask them how much and tell em you want to buy it all. Toss that person on friends list and whenever they log on whisper them asking if they have ore / herbs / whatever. :)