Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tools of The Trade: FriendCor

Barretj over on the JMTC boards has written a new addon and it looks pretty interesting. I haven't had much time to use it (yay for crappy internet) but here's the run down on it:

What the addon does is anytime a person on your friends list logs off it records the time. If another person on your friends list logs in within 45 seconds it increments the likely hood that those two characters are related. Then after a few weeks (to collect data and thin out the noise of coincidences), you can look at the high numbers and be reasonably confident that those two characters are the same person.

It will take a while for it to gather data (unless you have a very active friends list).

  • /fc print [optional filter] - prints the correlations between friends, the higher the number the more likely they are to be the same person
  • /fc lastseen [optional filter] - prints the last time a friend was seen
  • /fc lastlogoff [optional filter] - prints the last time friends were seen logging off
  • /fc lastlogon [optional filter] - prints the last time friends were seen logging on

The filter is a partial string match (case insensitive), so you if you search for 'bub' it will give you that status of 'bub', 'bubble', 'beezlebub', etc...

If nothing is printed from any of the commands, it means the addon doesn't have the requested data (i.e. if you're doing a '/fc print' and nothing comes out, it hasn't found any correlations yet; if you're doing a '/fc lastlogoff tom' and nothing comes out it means that it hasn't seen tom log off).

Things to try with it:
  • If you're a scribe: 1) when you're by Jessica and notice someone buying inks for a while, add them to your friends list 2) keep your competitors in your friends list 3) FriendCor may be able to match the seller with the main!
If your interested in testing it out and giving feedback I'm sure Barretj would love to hear comments and suggestions on this thread.

You can find the addon here.

(I originally had a different post planned but it requires me uploading pics and for some reason blogger and photobucket would not upload pics so the post is put off til next week.)


  1. Sounds like a good addon to have, thanks for making a post about it.

  2. Why would this be useful? What good does it do you to know the alts of whoever's making a "market situation"? Many addons remove the name of a seller from the columns in the auction house because it's useless information and space on those pages is limited.

  3. It's useful to know if the person is online or not and to track their posting habbits.

    If I know soandso is raiding ulduar I can post w/o worry of them undercutting me until they are finished raiding.

    If you don't have a lot of people on your friends then it's pointless. Its great for people like me who have their friends list packed with random people. This will help make the connection between player A and player B without me having to connect the dots.

  4. I've tried it out today, seems to work, but I'd love it if it were able to use my Guild as well, not just the Friendlist.
    Lots of possibilities to improve and expand that addon.
    looking forward to it.