Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Removing Auctionator Singles Cap (Fxd)

Sorry about earlier. Fixed the color issue ;)

Like many people I was extremely annoyed with the Auctionator cap of 10 stacks of 1 only able to be posted at a time so in my quest to familiarize myself with lua and get comfortable with addon coding I figured I'd tried to find it and change it.

In the Auctionator.lua file you will see

900 is now the cap for single posts. Tested just now and confirmed.


Check JMTC if you want the post w/ proper code tags :P


  1. Thank you fixing it :)

    A great catch by the way, will be making great use of this!

  2. No problem I was actually trying to fix it when you commented. It took me a few mins to figure out how to delete a post :P

  3. Thanks for this. I have wanted to break this feature in Auctionator for a while. I am not sure why it's even there.