Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guest Post: Seth From One Copper!

Hi I'm Seth from One Copper, and welcome to my guest post here at Gnomes Conquest.

Today I would like to talk to you all about a profession that not a lot of people use for money and that is Leatherworking. Leatherworkers have some items that sell really well and fairly quick on the AH. Most being of course the rare and epic legarmors. Now these sell for about 20-50% profit on the AH.

What not a lot of leatherworkers do/know is selling over Trade. If you look closely to the /2 channel you see scribes, jewelcrafters and enchanters posting for work (and ofcourse the lfg and barrenschat lookalike entries) But a leatherworker doesn't seem to promote his goods. Now making a small macro for this can get you anywhere between 5 to 50G fee for crafting something for your customer with their mats. Nothing feels so good to have a 2second job that makes you money. Since 3.2 the drums have been reintroduced and are selling slowly but surely on the AH. I personally post my drums for the market price at the AH on my mule, and advertise in /2 on my leatherworker, telling the audience that I'm giving a 10% lower price then the AH. This means that my AH sells much more slowly but that I actually can sell a lot more just by undercutting myself. This ofcourse can also be a tactic for the legarmors or anything you craft.

Hope you liked my small gold making tip and be sure to visit me @

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