Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ultimate Resource - Time

Now that I've given you the run down on how I run my two main professions I want to point out that it doesn't do any good if your a tycoon in the AH if you can't properly manage your time.

Now I'm first to admit that I was not the best at managing my time spent on certain tasks. And in doing this much in the AH you run the risk of getting burned out which is what happened to me. I got to the point where I didn't even want to log on wow or JMTC or anything to do with making money. Now I've recouped somewhat and have some motivation to get the ball rolling again I realized I need to do things differently to prevent myself from getting burned out completely. Because whats the point in making tens of thousands of gold if I'm not going to log on to enjoy it?

As you all probably know by now I dabble in the JC, Inscription and Enchanting markets. Before I got burned out I tried to process everything in 1 step. If I had 500 stacks of ore I would burn through them all. If I had to d/e 1000 rings I would burn through em (when I didn't mail them to my disenchanter). Here is how I'm planning on dividing up my time to where I'm constantly doing something but not doing the same thing repeatedly to get burned out.

1 hour a day will be prospecting
1 hour a day will be milling
2 hours for remaking glyphs (Doubt it will be that long but one of the few "must do all at once" chores)
30 minutes will be for making gems
1 hours will be for disenchanting

That totals up to be 5.5 hours. Which sounds like a lot of time but I used to spend 2-3 times more then that doing each thing trying to stay caught up.

I wont have any problems setting the rest of the ore to the side to be worked on at another time. This in return will always ensure I have ore to prospect, herbs to mill, and items to d/e.

Also if you have my blog linked on yours and I don't have your blog linked on mine please inform me. I'd love to return the favor but I really don't know who has me linked.

Hope this helps you newer AH players prevent you from experiencing what I did. Burn out.


  1. I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I have you linked on my blog :) I find what you write very useful & insightful. I can't honestly say I've had a dull read yet =).

    And I know what you mean by burn out - lately I've been working the AH a bit hard on Glyphs and JC / DE, and been very busy with it as well. I've left you a message on the JMTC forums to let you know how I'm getting around some of the "grunt work" of it all :)

  2. Heyy Carbon <3

    Love the post as always! I really hope your new schedule pans out the way you want it to and you don't get burnt out again -- I missed your posts while you were gone!

    You're on my blog roll btw ;)

    - Tella from Hit The Cap

  3. You're on my blogroll :D

    Also, sounds like a plan you've got going there, being burnt out is bad and it's important you're enjoying the time you do play.

    Veliaf of der Hexenmeister.

  4. I am amazed you are willing to commit a full 2 hours a day to just a *portion* of your business (prospecting and milling). No wonder some of you guys make so much more gold per week than I do. I rarely spend more than an hour a day *total* on primarily money making activities, and that's generally long enough to make me 1000g+ per day income.

    I guess that's why I've never gotten full on into the inscription or jc businesses. Pure ah play and speculative arbitrage is available enough to take up all or most of the time I'm willing to spend making money.