Friday, November 6, 2009

Jade Dagger Pendants & Icy Prisms

Here is my Jade Dagger Pendants & Icy prisms numbers. Got a little bored and felt like crunching more numbers for my own knowledge. Figured I'd share the info.

Jade Dagger Pendant

  • Eternal Earth x 1 @ 8g
  • Huge Citrine x 2 @ 1.5g = 3g
  • Dark Jade x 2 @ 0.5g = 1g
  • Total Cost:8+3+1=12g

As Dream shards are currently bouncing in the 12g to 20g range it's somewhat profitable given I sell during the proper moments. Typically I'm only making dream shards for my enchanting scrolls and to burn off some extra Dark Jade. If dream shard prices drop below 12g I can simply buy them out to relist or use them in my scrolls.

Icy Prisms

I'm going to cheat and simply copy and past scripts from wowhead for you aucitoneer users and the manual formula.

MarketValue Valuation

/run local v,p=AucAdvanced.API.GetMarketValue,print;p(((0.1*v(42225)+2.6*(v(36918)+v(36930)+v(36921)+v(36933)+v(36924)+v(36927))/6)/10000).."g Prism");p(((v(43102)+3*(v(36923)+v(36926)+v(36932)))/10000).."g Mats")

Appraiser Valuation

/run local v,p=AucAdvanced.Modules.Util.Appraiser.GetPrice,print;p(((0.1*v(42225)+2.6*(v(36918)+v(36930)+v(36921)+v(36933)+v(36924)+v(36927))/6)/10000).."g Prism");p(((v(43102)+3*(v(36923)+v(36926)+v(36932)))/10000).."g Mats")

Valuation output would be in Gold. "Prism" is the estimated value of the contents of an Icy Prism, while "Mats" is the estimated value of the materials used to make an Icy Prism. Note: This assumes equal chances for all the gems, which seems to be the case, and does not take epic gems into account. (Thanks to BitByte @ wowhead for the /run commands)

For those of you who don't run Aucitoneer (like me) you can use the following:

"1x FO + 3x Ch + 3x SC + 3x DJ == 0,1*DE + 2,6 * (SR+MT+AG+FE+SS+TO)/6 + 0,05 * (MZ+Am+EoZ+CR+Dr+KA)/6

FO = Frozen Orb
Ch = Chalcedony
SC = Shadow Crystal
DJ = Dark Jade
DE = Dragon's Eye
SR = Scarlet Ruby
MT = Monarch Topaz
AG = Autumn's Glow
FE = Forest Emerald
SS = Sky Sapphire
TO = Twilight Opal
MZ = Majestic Zyrcon
Am = Ametrine
EoZ = Eye of Zul
CR = Cardinal Ruby
Dr = Dreadstone
KA = King's Amber

Average Costs (left Side) lower Average Gains(right Side)? Do it! Else? Save your Gold." (Thanks to Heidi85 @ wowhead for this formula)

I would go into detail and plug in my numbers but honestly I'm exhausted. With the new prices of frozen orbs you honestly shouldn't have any problems making your money back and breaking even with the worst case if you cut the gems and sell em.


  1. I always ALWAYS, every night, make my Icy Prism (Frozen Orbs goes for 10g at weekends) and the only expensive item will be the Chalcedonys (7-12g)...the other 2 gems...well...I have HUNDREDS of each so I don't even think about it.
    If I'm unluck I end with 3 blue gems (something between 12g and 60g each after cutting them)...and if I'm lucky, well, you know... 1xDragon's Eye, 1x Epic gem??... It's like playing lottery for dirty cheap investment.

  2. I have to say, you can get really lucky off these too with dragon's eye + scarlet ruby + scarlet ruby + scarlet ruby +cardinal ruby.

    Not very likely, but god it would be nice :P

    IMO these nearly always break even in the long run, at worse. Well worth the cooldown for the 'lottery' of it as Raddik says :)

  3. The bad part about that Jade Dagger Pendant is that those same two Citrines will now make 4-6 Infinite Dust. You also save 4g80s from only using 4 Crystallized Earth instead of 10, plus you have a pair of Dark Jades left over (a whopping 1g, but a gold is a gold).

    The disenchanting hotfix really hurt some items. Spend 12g to make 20g via shards, or spend 6g40s to make 20g via dust?

    (I've turned to the Saronite Dirk for my shards, in large part because it it doesn't use Eternal Earths.)

  4. on my server the dust prices have fallen so that the value is about the same as what it was before the fix. I never saw this announced anywhere and it caught me by surprise. I just noticed that my rings produced 50% more infinite dust than I expected when I did a big de run the other day on rings I'd made a couple weeks back and had in the mail. Which explained why infinite dust had crashed so hard on my server. I bought up a crapload last week at 2g, but I couldn't move the market and started to wonder if something was up. It was going for 1.80 last night. I'm now sitting on something like 100 stacks that will probably make almost no profit. Oops. I'm hoping when tuesday comes around, I can push it to 3ish and still sell a bunch. I believe I can reset the price to at least 2.50-3, as it was going for 4-5 and I would regularly sell plenty of 1/2/4 stacks at over 5. If the primary sources of de drops have gone up 50%, then the natural new price would be about 2/3 of that. But the stuff just keeps coming, and I can't buy it out fast enough to reset. damn.

  5. Try the scroll market. I was having a hard time pushing enchanting mats and I've been doing well with it.

    I'll probably write up a post on it in the next few days

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  7. The reinforced cobalt BP is orange from 375 to 415 blacksmithing and takes 4 cobalt bars to make. Which makes it prime fodder for the "Craft and DE" circuit. The first thing I did after seeing that patch note was run my alt with blacksmithing (who I'd mostly been ignoring) to Sholo and bribed one of my guild-mates to farm up the pattern.