Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fishing the Auction House

So I recently learned how to track visitor data to my blog via Google Analytics and I'm really blown away at how many page views I've got and found that a good handful of my visits come from other blogs in which have mentioned my blog in some way or another. So I wanted to say a big thanks to all of those who have linked my blog on theirs and if you haven't taken a look at some of the blogs on my "Blogs to Check Out" section I would greatly appreciate checking them out as well. They are knowledgeable writers and they are the ones who inspired me to start my own blog. (/endsappymusic)

So I recently started to try an experiment that I thought I would share with you all.

I buy a large quantity of items in bulk and generally try to get the best deal I can. What I've been doing the past day or two is "baiting" the AH. People rely on addons so much they will generally blindly post items just to undercut someone and be the cheapest. So what I do is simple, If I buy all the saronite ore up to 15g per stack I'll then turn around and repost one stack in the AH at say 13g 99s.

Yea it might not work and someone might buy it out. Fine with me I lost 2g. I'll throw up another stack in a few minutes and try again. So far I've only had four or five stacks of herbs / ore bought out but tonight alone I've managed to snag 60 stacks of adder's tongue for 13.5g a stack when the next cheapest stack was 20g a stack. I've also managed to snag 30 or so stacks of saronite for 11-12g a stack when the lowest was 15g+.

The saronite actually chained where 1 posted a couple of stacks and the next few people undercut them. I came in and scooped em all up and since I cant buy my own auctions my ore stayed there.

As I said it wont always work but if you can manage to get someone to dump their load of herbs or saronite and use your auction to undercut then it pays off for the 1 or 2 auctions you lost.

Try it out and let me know how it works out. I'd be really interested in hearing how this has worked for others.

A small update on my progress so far. Tonight I was sitting at about 55-56k gold when all this baiting action happened and I ended up buying about 10k worth of ore, herbs, leather, and eternals. Which dropped me to 46k or so. I then decided to pick up my 6th bank tab so from here on out I can focus on making money and have no real "expenses" left. I'm pushing to break 60k by saturday and my goal for this weekend is to break 70k by Monday. I have the supplies to do so I just have to stay on top of my auctions and I should be fine.

Again at the top of my blog on the right is some other blogs you should check out. A lot of great information can be found on their blogs as well and once again a big thank you to those blogs who have mentioned my blog and have my link up as well. :)


  1. Yup, you really get shocked the first time you check those numbers. Also, congratulations on hitting the 50k mark. I've tried that baiting trick once for lowering the adder's tongue price, unfortunantly I put up my whole stock (well, 5 stacks or something like that) and got them sold. Well, at least I got more than I bought them for.

  2. Hehe yea it's why I only do 1 stack at a time. Sometimes I'll do 4 stacks of 5 just to fluff the numbers :P