Monday, September 21, 2009

Expanded In A New Market

Well I ended the weekend at 72k liquid but peaked at about 90k liquid. Now your probably asking me how I possibly went backwards when I was pushing forwards.

Well as you read yesterday I really wasn't home majority of the weekend but I did have time to check the AH and buy up cheap mats and the sort.

Currently I have over 500 stacks of saronite ore sitting in my mailbox, just got done prospecting 42 stacks of titanium ore, and a good 100-120 stacks of both low and high northrend level herbs. Also I picked up a handful of eternal life and shadow. Eternal earth got flooded this weekend so I ended up picking about 20 stacks ranging from 4g to 6.5g each (80-130g a stack)

If your a reader over at JMTC I'm sure you've seen me post that I don't play with epic gems because they aren't stable enough. Well I've been watching titanium prices and epic gems and they seem to be hovering at about 200-300g per cut and 100-150g per uncut. Titanium ore seems to be sitting in the high 300s to low 400s per stack. So when I saw 40+ stacks in the AH ranging from 300 to 350g per stack I jumped all over it and decided that was the moment I was waiting for to get into the epic gem game.

Prospecting it all gave me 6-12 of every color epic gem and enough titnium to pick up 4 new cuts. Already having Purified Dreadstone and Smooth King's Amber I decided to pick up a good cut for every other color so I could at least use every color gem I got from prospecting.

I ended up with Vivid Eye of Zul, Durable Ametrine, Solid Majestic Zircon and Runed Cardinal Ruby. The durable and solid cuts both were empty in the AH and all my other cuts are currently going for 220g+.

While I did go backwards quite a bit I'm hoping tomorrow I can recover a large portion of my investment. Prospecting the 500ish stacks of ore I have will give me more then enough uncommon gems to stock up on enchanting mats.


  1. I love your blog! It's inspired me to go for the WOW gold cap and i'm writing a blog while doing it :) Check it out at:

  2. I actually prefer unstable markets as it allows me to set very high prices and sometimes even buy out for very low. Similar to how you describe above, I determine what I think are the appropriate prices and aim to exploit the disparity before things stabalize. Once the market does even out, I still play but am always on the look out for a new, unstable, market.