Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I See the Light!

Well I finally got all my saronite prospected and started making the JC rings and shipping them off to my friend who disenchants for me for 20% cut. To give you an idea of how many uncommon gems I got from prospecting I got 650 chalcedony alone. I have about 5 bags of the other 3 gems. I didn't worry about posting on the AH or anything last night so I still haven't made any money since being back.

Today my goals are going to be finish burning up the gems and getting them d/e'd and getting caught up on my glyphs. Once that's all finished I'll worry bout carpet bombing the AH with everything.

Still doing more research on various addons for my follow up to my tools of the trade post. So if you have anything you'd like to see mentioned let me know :)


  1. Check out my brand new crafting spreadsheet!

    Not technically an addon, but as Seth said
    "I know this isn't an addon but I'm putting it in the [addon] section anyway since its equally important." ;)

    And even better, anyone that blogs about the spreadsheet will get a free blog review post on AH-Whoring next week. :)

  2. What rings are you making with the prospected saronite?


  3. Bloodstone band and other crystallized earth jewelery.