Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Quick Update

Well this morning when I woke up I had broke the 80k liquid mark. As you probably have read I started around August 11th (a week after 3.2 came out) and this past Tuesday was my 5th week playing the AH.

I've been spending more time leveling my soon to be tailor so I can get into the bag market so I haven't been spending all that much time playing the AH. I do my usual routine of stocking the AH throughout the day but have been kind of taking it easy lately in terms of playing the AH.

Well my flight from duskwood to IF is finished. Time to run to southshore >.>

My goal for this weekend is to break 100k. I've got the coffee maker sitting next to my computer and I'm going to pull an all nighter tonight prospecting, milling, making glyphs, disenchanting and basically getting 100% caught up so I can effectively push as hard as I can this weekend. Now 100k doesn't seem really possible but it's something to push for and to motivate me to hit. I'll honestly probably end up around 95k. Who knows though as I still have about 7 darkmoon trinkets I could push this weekend.

I'll keep ya guys updated :)

1 comment:

  1. I can only respond to that with the normal response to a much richer person. That's crazy!
    Gz on 80k