Saturday, September 5, 2009

Busy Holiday Weekend

Not so much an economic blog today as an update on things. Remember how I told you about me inflating prices on my server? Well due to the fair and other things the prices have fallen a little but they are still double what they normally are. It's somewhat hurting my competition and I have noticed a slight increase in sales but it's also a holiday weekend with a new arena season so it could just be that.

I bought and flipped my first Trading Card Game item today. I purchased for 10k. I thought I would have been able to flip it for atleast 20k but after a few hours of trying I was informed by multiple people that the last two this month have barely sold for 5k. I felt like an idiot and decided to sell it for 12k and couldn't find a desperate enough buyer and I figured it was just going to go to my mount collection but first I tossed it in the AH for 12k.

A couple of hours later I found this gem waiting for me in the mailbox. Now to just find one cheaper under 4k for me to flip again lol.

With the darkmoon fair around the corner alot of deckmakers are pumping out decks. As snowfall ink couldn't be given away on my server I decided to turn it all into cards and test my luck. My most recent batch of cards was 34 cards and my second most recent batch was 72 or so.

In total I have 2 noble decks, 7 prism decks, 1 undeath deck, and 3 chaos decks. I did spend about 1500g on various cards to complete the decks but I feel that I'll still come out ahead.

I talked to a large cardmarker on my server and almost had him interested in buying my snowfall ink for 5g each but in the end it fell through. He was somewhat foolish enough to give away alot of freebie tips for selling cards on my server so I'll pass some along to see if they help you out any.

Wait until a week after the fair is gone and you turned your cards into trinkets. Noble decks go for 4k on my server while the actual trinkets go for 5-6k. Prisms go for 700-800 while the actual trinket sells for 1k. If this is even remotely true then I have approx. 20k in trinkets and given I can sell them all I would be sitting at roughly 56k, well past the 50k mark. :D

I've been busy prospecting ore and making glyphs I wish I had more time to write but I guess I'll save it for tomorrow's post. :)

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  1. Nice, that's a lot of profit for the amount of work put in.