Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shadowmight vs Crystallized Jewelery

A quick update about things before I go off and ramble. This weekend has been really good to me, I finally broke the 40k mark and was sitting at 44k when I splurged on about 3-4k on herbs, saronite, eternal earth / shadow, etc and stocked back up for a day or two.

Glyphs have been selling really well and gems even better. It might be because I've recently started my goblin tactics in gems again due to competition complaining non stop and using vulgar insults. I decided I'll pretty much just sell the gems as I get them for cheaper then sit on a large backstock and duke it out with competition. I'm currently planning on trying out a new tactic that might save some time and money. Here's what I'm planning on doing:

I recently stumbled across a buyer for my citrine, bloodstone, chalcedony and sun crystals. Basically a horde side JC / enchanter was looking for bulk amounts and was paying 35g a stack (1.75g each). Now I buy all my saronite at most for 15g a stack; Often times its in the 11-13g range. (I'm alliance so his business doesn't conflict with mine)

On a large scale platform I'm going to assume (correct me if I'm wrong) that its safe to say I will get 4 non jade / shadow gems in a stack of ore given the fact you can proc 2x green gems and its pretty common to do so. Given I sell my green gems for 1.75g each I'll get 7g off my saronite prices.

If I buy saronite for 15g a stack I'm now paying 8g a stack for saronite as my high. My low for saronite would be 5g a stack. With my "goblin" tactics I'm now selling my blue gems for 10-15g cut and rubies for 35-50g. The chance to get a blue quality gem from a prospect is 24% iirc since wowhead is being dumb at the moment and taking forever. The way I got this was 6 different gem colors with a 4% chance (6*4=24 for those of you who don't like math :P).

On a large scale the [i]average[/i] rate for blue gems is 96% from a stack of saronite. Given the fact you can proc double rare gems on a prospect (<3 double scarlet ruby procs) I'd say roughly 2-5% of the time that's enough consider it 100% (on average) for 1 blue gem to 1 stack ratio.

Now if that saronite cost me 8g and I sell any gem for 10-15g I'm profiting. Scarlets sell easily for 40g on my server which helps shift the profit margin a little better towards my favor. When I raise back up my gems to normal 15-30g prices and 40-70g for rubies I'd be making even more money.

Since I'm selling my green gems off I can no longer make crystallized jewelery. To get around this lets look at shadowmight rings.

I'm currently sitting on over 50 stacks of eternal earth all of which were bought between the prices of 3g and 6.5g each. Eternal shadow prices go for 2-4g on my server.

Lets take the worst case scenario for pricing and say I buy for 6.5 and 4g. That's 10.5g for a shadowmight ring. Shadowmight rings can give 2-5 (norm is 3.5-4g each) dust or 1-2 Greater essence(10-12g each) or 1 dream shard (12-14g each) .

2-5 dust would mean on average your going to get 3.5 dust, 1.5 essence, and 1 shard.

According to Wowhead shadowmight rings have a 75% to give dust, 22% chance to give essence and 3% chance to give dream shards. Lets do a 1000 ring test sample.

1000 eternal earth rings at above prices worst case would be 10k gold.

In 1000 rings ill have 750 dust procs, 220 essence procs, 30 shard procs.

3.5*750 = 2625 dust.
2625/20 = 131.25 stacks of dust. Given I sell dust at 60g a stack the dust would have 7875g value (9187.5g value if I sold at 70g a stack but I'll stick with 60g since I often times sell bulk at that rate)

Now for essences.
1.5*220 = 330 greater essences
10*330 = 3300g value at 10g each (low). 12g each would be 3960g.

Now for shards.
1*30= 30
30*10g = 300g. (12g would be 360g)

Given I sell at bulk prices 1000 rings would give 11475g. If I were to sell at normal prices I'd get 13507.5g.

Now I could get more dust for my eternal if I just did the crystallized jewelery sure. But lets factor in time now. Disenchant is a 3 second cast. To make it simple I'll just pretend we're machines with no error (which some of us pretty much are by now).

3*1000= 3000 seconds disenchanting 1000 rings. 3000 seconds is 50 minutes. In 50 minutes of time I can produce 11475g worth of bulk priced enchanting mats for a profit of 1475g where if I did the crystallized jewelery I'd be looking at:

1 eternal = 6g
5 uncommon gems = 8.75g (1.75g since I could be selling them)
5 rings total = 14.75g
1 ring = 2.95g

1000 rings = 2950g to make

1.5 dust, 1.5 lesser essence, 1 shard are the averages. And the % is the same as shadowmight (75, 22, and 3)

1000 rings would be 750 dust procs, 220 essence procs and 30 shard procs.

1.5*750= 1125 dust (56.25 stacks)
1.5*220 = 330 lesser essences / 3 = 110 greater essence
1*30= 30 small dream shards /3 = 10 dream shards

Given bulk pricing I'd get 3375g for the dust, 1100g for the essences, 100g for the shards. In total I'd have 4575g worth of enchanting mats. Which comes to 1625g profit for 50 mins work.

Now that my brain hurts from doing the most math I've done since I can remember you can argue that the crystallized rings have a higher profit rate which is true. But as a counter argument you can say that I'm also paying higher prices for saronite since I am not selling the gems.

So in the end I can pay cheaper prices for saronite and sell my green gems.

Or I could make the crystallized jewelery for 200g more profit per 1000 rings / 50 mins of work and pay almost double the cost for saronite.

Now I know the actual cost of my uncommon gems wont be 1.75g since I technically get them for "free". But their "free" in the same aspect of the noobs running around selling things at 75% of the mat cost and claiming its all profit since they farmed the mats themselves.

Any thoughts on this? I honestly wasn't going to write about this for today's blog but I think I wrote enough for today. :P

Let me know what you guys think and maybe a different point of view im not seeing it from.


  1. I use my uncommon gems for disenchanting, since i spend the twelve seconds per stack DEing semi-afk. I do something on my other computer while im hitting my disenchant button. :p

    And with my server prices i gain about 3-5g per saronite stack, thus leaving me with a bunch of rare gems i could vendor (but that would be crazy) ^^

  2. I use a button repeater program aswell and a macro to DE the rings. So i just tape down the button on my keyboard and go afk. Refill my bags with rings from the bank every so often.