Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Camp or Not to Camp?

That is the question.

I've been somewhat cutting back my play time trying to find a job in real life I didn't have much time playing the AH yesterday so I didn't expect my sales to be all that great.

To my surprise I woke up this morning to over 4k in my mailbox across my bankers pushing me to barely under the 70k mark. 69,219g if you want to be exact.

This really makes me wonder as I've read it plenty on the JMTC forums. Do you really need to AH camp to make money?

Maybe yesterday was an exceptional sales day and I only made money because of that. Could I have made more though is what I'm wondering. Yesterday I had an average sales day that would be comparable to a normal day of AH camping and staying on top of my auctions.

So I'm going to try out a plan for the next few days. I'm going to post 2-3 times through out the day and only work half as much. This would give me time to level my alt up so I can get into the tailoring market plus would keep me from getting burned out.

How do you guys do it? Do you guys AH camp? Or do you fall back to the post and go do something else tactic? Leave a comment and let me know :)


  1. I post, then go do something else. I just couldn't stand sitting at the AH during the 1-2 hours I have to play.

  2. on a good day i get a full cancel / repost cycle in before i go to work, at lunch, before evening raids if i have time and before bed. most days the morning and pre-raid posts are half way done, just reposting and not really cancelling. i dont make as much money as i would if i were able to repost every two hours but its all i can do. i also have a competitor that has gotten very aggressive lately which is definately cutting into the bottom line.

  3. I cancel and repost whenever I get time to do it and don't really notice any big diference, but as I usually only make 20-50g on a good day (is my market dead?) there's really not enough gold coming in to notice any diference

  4. I always use the "Fire and Forget" method.

    I always like to make the most of my time. I am only in the Gem/enchant markets so for the most part there is no cost to things expiring. I always use 48hour timers. I normally go on, post in my range, which is always allowing me to undercut everyone and let it be. If someone undercuts me...so what....their item will sell and eventually so will mine.

    Its just like waiting for good prices on mats, a little patients and your item will sell for a higher value even if its not the first to go.

    The only time I would repost is if I am undercut with a large quantity of items.

  5. Currently in the glyphs market, I'll spend about an hour and twenty minutes scanning/crafting/posting (post approximately 750 glyphs) setting the time to 48h. Next night I'll scan and check undercutters, and reposting those that were undercut. Around the 48h mark I'll either collect all the glyphs that have expired, or cancel all, and start the process all over. With under 2 hours of time spent, I'm comfortably taking in net 1000-1200g a night (averaging).

    Before I was fighting with two other crafters where I'd do the undercutting two to four times a night. For the extra 40-50 minutes of extra work, I was rewarded with an additional average of 300g a night. Not exactly worth it at the cost of my new found love of PvP.

  6. I got to the point where I post 5-6 times a day and only cancel once a day if that. It speeds up my posting time because I do not cancel first. I also post at key times. Both then the market is the most active and at odd times when I will have coverage the longest.

    I have been thinking about the same things. I have one popular glyph that I cannot craft. I paid someone else to make 20 of them. I posted 3-4 once daily and they all sold. Even after people would undercut me.

  7. I don't camp either,
    In my memory that would be 100-200g different, while I am making 1k everyday. So I rather save the time on leveling alts than that...

    I cancel every 48 hours, and post twice everyday
    Stock size is 8-12, QA post is 3, and I do with KTQ every day (with my little hack, I only need 8-7 stack crafted each time)

  8. I thought of something diffrent : Everybody and his mother is in the JC or Inscription market these days on my server (high population). So the undercutting and camping are at their finest. As any businessman I said to myself that there must be a more profitable, less time consuming way to make gold. And there are. Very good ones. Minimum 1000g per day. No gems and no glyphs. I was so surprised to find them and see them how well they work. I am glad that I used my head and got what I wanted : no AH camping, posting 48 hours without undercutting, very little time spent to craft and more playtime for leveling alts and doing raids.