Friday, September 18, 2009

Misson Failure

Well as you read yesterday I was planning on staying up all night and get caught up. Well I realized that I'm getting old and ended up going to bed after prospecting my 100+ stacks of ore.

On a plus note I woke up about 3.5 hours ago (slept for like 4 hours) so really it was just a cat nap. :P

I bought about 2k worth of herbs and ore yesterday to bring me to 79.8k or so liquid. I then turned around and sold 38 stacks of green quality gems for 35g a stack. So I picked up a little over 1.3k from that.

This didn't have a real impact on my disenchanting process as I still had about 10 stacks left over and this was before I prospected all my ore. I'm currently sitting on over 1k rings waiting to be disenchanted and I still have about 200 or so huge citrine and 100 chalcedony to burn up so I should be good on enchanting mats. That's not including the 30 or so stacks of leather I can burn up for more if I need it. I really hope I don't.

Yesterday sales were pretty good considering I posted once at around 8 am server and collected about 5k out of all my mailboxes. I think it's to the point where I have so much stuff on the AH at any given time I really don't need to babysit it.

I've noticed everyone changing their layout and it got me thinking. While I really like the black background I don't read my blog on a black background (new post is white background w/ black text :P) so I'm tossing up a new poll to get your guys' opinion. Tell me what you think since you guys are the ones reading it I'd be glad to cater the design based on your guys' feedback. :)


  1. Sounds more of a success than a failure to me!

    Personally I find the inverted colours difficult to read, on any blog. So much so that I use Goggle Reader to read some blogs (like this one) then come to them after to read comments and reply!

    Sounds like you are doing very well though - 5k profit from minimal work is never a bad thing ;)

  2. I too use google reader and then hop over to the blog to finish out the posts and comments but the black back/white text is actually fine for me. I can relate to the old part, after working 1 level on my shammy (low lvl alchy alt-i make sure i do one level a day), then getting all the mail and reposting glyphs on my banker, running a few dailies on my rogue, I tried to log on my DK herb/scribe to restock and I just was too tired and went to bed but then again I am 40 :P

  3. Haha I'm only 25 :P

    I'll give it a few more days for comments and I'll probably play around with different colors and get some feedback. :)

  4. I actually don't care. It's your blog and as long as it's readable I wont complain.