Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gone Fishing

Just wanted to give you guys a brief update while I came home for lunch. Since I was gone most of the evening yesterday and majority of the day today I most likely wont hit my goal of 100k. I love fishing (irl .. not in game) and its salmon season up here so I've spent the past couple of days fishing for salmon down in the river by my house.

Caught 6 Pinks last night and 5 today and about to go back out after lunch to finish up our limit for the day (4 per person so 12 total).

To anyone who likes fishing but hasn't been salmon fishing I highly suggest it. It's one of the only things that I would rate more fun (and addicting) then wow.

I will have an actual wow based post for you guys tomorrow though :)


  1. Have fun fishing!

    Out of interest, are you saying you don't enjoy it in game - or just that you meant in real life?

  2. I dont particularly care for it in game. Fishing was really great until 3.1 when they changed WG fishing and basically killed the market on my server. 20g for a stack of uncooked fish isn't worth the time spent fishing it up. I rarely do the fishing daily anymore either now that I think about it lol.