Monday, August 31, 2009

Auction House patterns

So I guess I'll start my first "real" blog about what I enjoy most, The Auction House. Over the years I have began to notice there are a limitless amount of patterns on every server. As odd as it sounds many of the prices in the AH are directly affected by simply what day of the week it is.

With the knowledge of certain patterns you can know exactly when to buy low and sell high without even having to worry about the "what ifs" of if it doesnt sell because it will. And generally it will sell for more if sold at the right time.

One of the most common known patterns is the "raiding" patterns. Flask prices spike from 19g to 25-30g per flask. The nice thing about this is you can literally flood the market with flasks on any decent populated server and generally sell out of flasks (I've sold hundred of flasks on a tuesday night. Which btw is a great moral boost while your wiping on a progression boss). Raid supplies generally spike Tuesday and Wednesday and by Sunday / Monday they generally are bottomed out in price again.

On my Server I could buy stacks of lotus for 400g (20g per lotus) all weekend til I was broke. Tuesday rolls around and I throw up 2-3 stacks of lotus in the AH in singles for 35g each and set the time for 48 hours. By wednesday the stacks I threw in the AH were sold out and I made almost double my money for doing absolutely nothing.

Another common pattern also is affected by Tuesdays. This is the gem and enchanting markets. Tuesday more so then wednesday because arena points are distributed on Tuesdays. Thus all the pvpers are picking up their new gear they just got rating for before playing their games later in the day (or week). Plus all the raid instances reset on Tuesday and generally all the raiding guilds are raiding the easy trivial content they have on farm already. Easy boss kills means easy loot for their guildies which means gems and enchanting sales spike.

These are simply a couple of examples of the patterns that occur everyday on your server and many people don't realize it. Spend time looking at whats being sold in trade and how much its being sold for. Pay attention to auction house prices and get to know your markets and you'll be able to make money by simply "investing" money on one day and reselling on another.

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