Sunday, August 30, 2009

My journey in the AH.

I've recently started playing in the AH. In fact, I was one of those players who did dailies everyday for a measly 200g that took about an hour or two worth of work. I often farmed countless hours in the Basin for saronite ore. Back then having 800g felt like alot.

I've been playing Wow for almost 5 years. 5 years of being broke. Living from daily to daily. Taking loans mid raid to pay for repairs. I worked hard for my money but that doesn't mean I really worked smart. That changed with 3.2.

I had saved up 9 stacks of titanium ore. Patch 3.2 allowed titanium ore to be prospected for epic gems and titanium powder. Now, this was no real amount compared to some of the others on my server who had 150-200 stacks or some of the others on the JMTC forums who had 300+ stacks. But 9 stacks was a decent amount considering it was what I had personally farmed up in the previous weeks while I was farming saronite ore.

3.2 goes live and within 20 mins of the servers being up I toss up my 9 stacks in the AH. To my suprise there was nothing in the AH as far as titanium so I toss em in for 500g a stack. Figured I'd get my 4.5k and call it a day. I told my guildies I tossed it in the AH and hoped it would sell and thats when a buddy of mine offered 400g per stack. He said he'd rather hook a friend up with some sick prices rather then some random person and I agreed and didn't mind selling it for 400g a stack.

After all was said and done I was sitting on about 4-4.5k. I sold an epic or two that I had purchased with honor and heroism badges that I had layin around. And I sat on my money for a week. Afraid to spend it as it was the most I've ever had. (Both of my epic flyers were on the "rent to own" plan :P)

A week later I decided to check Saronite prices and see how the market was doing. Saronite ore was down to 13-15g a stack. I did some minor calculations and saw the potential to make some serious money selling uncut blue gems and turning the green gems into enchanting mats.

So I thought about it for a little bit (all of 20 seconds) and decided "what the hell? I've been broke my entire wow career. Worst case - I'll be broke again" lol. And proceeded to invest about 3k into saronite ore and cleaned the AH of eternal earths. All in all I spent 4k or so and was officially broke. Again.

I prospected like a madman. Made ring's and disenchanted them and sold uncut blue gems left and right just trying to make some sort of profit. I didn't cut the gems because I didnt want to get stuck with cut gems and not bein able to sell them. That was before I found out about QA. The addon that literally allowed me to make as much gold as I felt like making. If gold came out of a tree like maple syrup. QA the the tool that enabled me to do so.

After my first full week of playing in the AH I had finally broken 20k gold. I had approx. 2k or so in blue gems, 1k or so in enchanting mats (after liquidating 40 stacks of dust), 1200ish ink of the sea and 300-400 or so glyphs.

In a week's time I had leveled a scribe to 450 and jumped both feet blindly into the glyph market and slowly started taking control of my server's rare gem market.

At the time of this writing Im sitting on over 30k liquid with about 20k in various mats. I have an est. 5k in uncut rare gems, 500+ glyphs, enough mats for almost 70 darkmoon cards, 20 or so stacks of eternal earths and more enchanting mats then you could ever care to think about.

My next goal is to drop mining and level up another profession. Leaning towards Alchemy but I'm not 100% sure at the moment.

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