Monday, August 31, 2009

Yay for Monday!

Well that was an extremely long weekend. Sales were through the roof and I'm now taking the day to restock on my glyphs, gems, and enchanting mats in preparation for a crazy week starting tomorrow.

I started Friday with about 25k liquid. I was over 32k but I decided to craft my ulduar tanking boots which dropped me to roughly 25k. Looking back I'm really glad I stock piled as much as I did on the previous week because I really took a beating this weekend. I dropped to about 20k on buying a good 400 or so stacks of saronite and herbs.

I couldn't keep up on glyphs or gems all weekend. Overall I had about 4 or 5k in sales on Saturday and over 10k in sales yesterday. If this is any indication to the incomming week then it's going to put a hurting on my backstock lol.

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