Monday, October 5, 2009

Behind The Scenes - Jewelcrafting

Hey everyone. Been really busy here in the real life world and the little bit of internet time I have had I dedicated to helping with writing up FAQs and such. Today I'm catching up on things so here's the post I talked about earlier in the weekend about my JC / enchanting combo. I know all this knowledge is common information and easily found on other sites but I figured maybe I do something slightly different that could help you guys.

First of all my "set up". I have JC and enchanting on 1 character and I have a friend who disenchants all my crystallized jewelery for 20% of the mats. I actually think hes still digging his way out of the 70+ crates I sent him on Friday. I have currently a 6 tab guild bank. I have 1 tab dedicated to my epic and rare gems and 1 tab dedicated to enchanting mats. I keep a 24 slot gem bag on my JC and keep 2 stacks of each color gem and quality (so 2 scarlet ruby 2 bloodstone, etc). The uncommon gems are there for JC dailies and the sort and do not get disenchanted. The rare gems I cut and ship off to my gem seller. Now when I prospect I fill up my gem bag and mail off all the rare gems to my banker who tosses them in the gem tab in my bank. I then start burning off the uncommon gems and mailing them off to my disenchanter.

My back stock is large enough to survive off of for a few weeks. I have atleast 500+ of every color except autum's glow and ruby but even those are in the 150-200 range for my backstock. I mostly deal with rare gems but I'm slowly working my way into the epic gem market. I have about 10-20 of every epic gem and 2 of every color for cuts except zul where I only have 1.

My selling patterns vary quite a bit depending on how busy I am. I generally post once in the morning and will cancel and repost once right before peak hours but usually I don't get around to it and I still bring in a decent 1-2k for a day. When I post I cut every cut I have. I have 5 solid sky sapphires, 2 of every forest emerald, 3 of every monarch topaz, 5 of every scarlet ruby, 4 of every twilight opal and 5 of every autum's glow. I post everything (unlike my glyphs) and have recently switched from 12 hour listings to 24 hour listings. For epic gems I post 2 of every cut and post them for 12 hour listings still.

Now you may be wondering on epic gems if I buy them uncut or prospect for them. Currently I prospect for them as recently the price on titanium has dropped to 275g- 325g a stack and cut gems sell for 200-300g per cut. While I am technically losing money I'm not really because of the powder. It's allowing me to pick up more recipes so in a sense I'm almost breaking even when you count in the d/e from uncommon gems and the rare gems.

Some servers you might have to babysit quite a bit more but I've pretty much broken most of my competition on my server with the constant AH crashing. For a while I was crashing the market every week. I would cut 10 of every gem and throw them up for 48 hour postings at 10-12g a cut. People on my server are such sheep that they chain cut off of my listings and drove prices down even more to the point where I was buying their gems and vendoring them for profit. I generally would only post once and after 48 hours my auctions expired but the market stayed crashed until Tuesday when the demand for gems spikes and reset the markets til the next weekend. After a few weeks of this I was free to post at normal prices and eliminated a lot of my competition. One of the days I even pulled in 4k and I only posted once for 24 hours and walked away.

Now I'm not saying the goblin way is the way to go. But once you have so many uncut gems that you don't know what to do with them its a very good tactic to make your competition lose interest. Even at 10-12g for gems I still make a profit as my saronite prices are almost non existant.

I use a few addons for my operation but they are no different then my glyph set up. I use altoholic, skillet and QA. Anyways if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer them :)


  1. This and your 'Behind the Scenes - Jewelcrafting' are gold mines of information. It's great to see the workings of your markets, and how you deal in them.

    My only question is, do you use Kev's KTQ addon - and if not, why not!? :P It seems perfect for what you are doing (Creating every single gem/glyph no matter what)

    Again great post, thank you

  2. Yea I use it. I agree its a god send. It's just more of a down low addon that I prevent on spreading knowledge about simply cause I don't know if my competition reads my blog ;)