Thursday, June 3, 2010

Terrorizing my server once again?

So now that the 'shiny new toy' aspect of eve is all worn off, I've been getting back into Wow a little bit and will probably resume picking up playing the AH once again. Within minutes of logging on I have random whispers from friends / guildies and even people I dont (think I) know whispering me telling me to stay out of their markets. This brings me to wonder if I really had that large of an impact on my server when I left? In the 8 months (give or take) that I have been gone the prices on everything have actually gone up.

Previous price of saronite - 10-12g a stack (in bulk 500+ stacks at a time)
Current price of saronite - 18g a stack

Random epic gems - 80-90g each uncut
Current price - 150g

The only area that has gone down is enchanting mats but before I had left I made a post about printing gold where I would sell the rings straight to the vendor instead of disenchanting.

So now I sit here thinking what markets can I play again and I'm really not sure other then your typical raiding mats and needs. Will take a little bit of digging around to see whats still good and what new markets have opened up but of course you all will be the first to know.

Good to be back and hopefully I can regain the interest of my previous readers once again ;)

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  1. I'm reading this and it looks like you're describing my server. Same is happening here. All the materials that were usually provided by farmers (like saronite ore), are expensive for weeks now. As if there are no farmers or bots anywhere to be seen. Every mats on the AH are fewer and expensive. What I do now is that I shifted my attention to anything related to leveling alts. Enchants (scrolls), gear and materials for leveling professions (mostly cooking). That's because I gamble on the fact that The Ruby Sanctum won't spark for more than 2 weeks or so. And as soon as the first official news about Cata class changes kick in, I expect an explosion of activities alts related.