Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brief update!

Forgot since I've been back I have yet to post an update. :)

When I left I gave away tens of thousands of gold, bought my travel tundra mammoth, dropped crazy dumb prices on TOC crafting gear, etc.

All in all I had about 5k liquid and 5k or so in assets. Tonight I broke 12k liquid casually playing the AH (I'm full time raiding so I'm not getting those sales from camping the ah -_-)

But all in all I'm happy with my progress with the little bit of effort I've put in. Another update is I dropped LW last night and power leveled a transmute alch to 450. Spent 2.5k on that and back to 9500 w/ about 5k or so still in assets.

Goal is to be back to 50k by the end of the month. My AH addict patch is slowly wearing off and I'm slowly gettin the hunger back for gold and lots of it :)

Why did I drop LW? I had it mostly to d/e greens w/ the leather and now that market has tanked I can better use the profession slot doing xmutes for my JC. Plus c'mon - a raiding dk LWer? Yea the bracer enchant is alright but I simply wasnt making money with LW (nor was I really interested in it :P).


  1. LW is one of my main sources of income - mining bags, leg armours a few ToC epics - easy money for minimal work.

  2. It is easy money - agreed. But I can put alch to use with a lot less headache. I really hated handling that much leather on top of thousands of stacks of saronite and herbs a week :P

    Alch has been good to me so far. I've already had a few x5 procs and granted it was on titanium xmutes its still a nice chunk of extra change :)