Monday, June 14, 2010

Look before you buy and about yesterday's post

So today's post is going to be more of a reminder and to not follow my errors.

The AH on my server has been somewhat dry of high end herbs and when there was an abundance of herbs they were all more then I wanted to pay. I assume from the fair but who knows.

Well this morning I'm going down my auctionator list of items I normally buy or at least keep an eye on and noticed 90 some odd stacks of adder's tongue for 14g a stack. A little on the high side for me (my preferred price is 12g or less) but I jumped on it as I was under 500 inks and haven't made glyphs in about a week. I was happy that I finally had a nice surplus of ink once again until I check icethorn prices and noticed there was 2x the amount for only 10g a stack -_-.

Yea, I bought them up as well (I couldn't pass it up) but I wouldn't have splurged on the adder's tongue had I looked at the other herbs first. I blame it on it bein 7:30 am and I've yet to sleep.

While on the subject of inscription I figured I'd write up a blog post for yesterday since I simply cut and paste and linked. I was too tired to spend time to write up a quality post but I wanted to at least pass on the news while it was still news.

My thoughts on it? I'll still be a scribe and I'll gladly watch everybody jump off the ship. Why? I feel that it is not a lost cause quite yet and it could still be VERY profitable in quick short bursts.

Think of it like cooking recipes. You learn the recipe and you are done but yet I can still get away selling recipes for 10-20g a pop when they cost me 2s off the vendor. Raiders are typically completion freaks and will most likely snatch up all the glyphs for their class just so they don't have to buy them in the future. If they add in an achievement for having all the glyphs for your class learned then I can see this being an even more boost the income as you will get all the achievement freaks out there gobbling them up too for achievement points.

So what happens when the initial rush of cata is all said and done with and all the raiders now have every glyph? Things resume to normal; people still level alts and will continue to do so. Those new chars will need glyphs and not every single person is going to buy every single glyph. You will still get the casuals buying their glyphs as they need them.

The same sort of freak out happened when dual spec was put in and everyone screamed the sky was falling when it really wasn't. Sure instead of pulling in 5k a day in glyphs you're pulling in 2k a day but that is still pretty good money. (for my server it's damn good money for glyphs :P)

So my final thoughts on it are:

If you are a scribe; don't drop inscription (yet).

Should you level up inscription and get into the glyph market? That's up to you. Do you feel like you'll be active enough in the glyph game to pull in the money you invested before cata? If so then why not? If you invest 2k to level inscription and make back that 2k in a week then it paid off and you have a source of income.

Sometimes looking to far into the future can make you blind to the profits now. People are probably already dropping inscription and leveling up JC or some other bandwagon profession. If it's still making money then do it ;)

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