Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to fix QA tabbing out problem

As many of you know one of the new changes that has been around with QA3 is you can no longer minimize wow and have QA posting. It will basically freeze is place until you go back into wow and then continue. I have found a way to go around this problem and it is pretty obvious but figured I would toss it out here for those who don't know :)

First off have wow in windowed mode (not a problem with me cause I've always played in window mode).

Instead of minimizing wow and bringing up firefox just simply open firefox (or IE if you for some odd reason still use it :P) while having wow still up and running. So if you minimize your browser you will see the wow screen. It works and I just finished posting 200 glyphs while typing this up.

To verify that it is still posting and you've done it right just simply listen for the change sound from posting. :)

Brief post today but found it pretty cool that I can still write up blogs / surf the JMTC forums while posting :)

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