Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get a damn Authenticator already

Seriously if you do not have an authenticator yet, why don't you? Do you play the AH to get your account hacked and hand over the thousands of gold to the sellers? It's 5 bucks including shipping and yet my guildies still for the most part have not bought one even after seeing 3 guildies get hacked in the past week alone. None of them had an authenticator and one even had one but had not taken the time to activate it.

I really don't feel bad for them. It's their effing fault but it affects my ability to raid because they were 3 of our core raiders.

If you have yet to get an authenticator than quit being stupid. If my unemployed stoner ass can afford one by scrounging up change then I really do not see any excuse (you're already paying 15 bucks a month to play, whats a one time 5 dollar fee in addition for added security?).

Quit supporting the gold sellers and hackers. Yes, I blame the people without authenticators for supporting them.


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