Monday, June 21, 2010

Midsummer Festival - Taking Advantage

Title says it all. 10% exp buff + boa account items = now is the time to get your alts leveled for added professions. I'll be slowing down on the AH playing during the festival so I can level up my rogue. Already got about 3 levels and in my mid 30s. Just trying to get to 65 so I have a tailor and miner lol.

Brief update as well - I'm sitting at 34k and 400 stacks of saronite and 200-230 stacks of herbs to be processed. I started to drain the 72 stacks of lichbloom back on to the market for 40g a stack (paid 21g). I've sold prob 15 or so stacks so it's been nice.

Also tricked auctioneer users over the past week with new moon books. Made about 20 of them and posted starting from 175g and scaling down by 5-15g down to 75g. Sold everything up to 110g (4 or so books) when normal price is 60-70g each on them. And people wonder why I don't use auctioneer? ;)

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