Friday, June 4, 2010

Oiling the machine

Well I started to process most of the back logged crap in my bank tabs. Since enchanting mats absolutely blow on my server I just converted rings and vendored them. I ended up making about 3k from just that and slowly shifting through the pile of crap trying to remember what exactly my intention was for it all.

My goal for the weekend is to get the machine oiled up and everything organized for this Tuesday which is when I plan to strike my AH from out of nowhere. I have about 600 of every rare gem sitting in back stock ready to be cut and auctioned and at a time when saronite prices are almost 2x higher then I paid; I'm pretty sure I can have lots of fun wrecking havoc ;)

The only area I am really, really dreading is glyphs because I broke KTQ when I updated my addons. I knew there was a reason why I had not updated altoholic / skillet in the past -_-


  1. sounds like its time for a altoholic/skillet downgrade! let me know if you need the old versions, i have them.

  2. Good luck, Carbon. Make sure you also check out glyphs. A lot of people are rolling alts now so leveling glyphs are back in style.

    Kev also updated his tool a little (heh) to include gems and (I think) elixirs.

  3. yup i remember bein able to use gems for it before i left :) and i found links to the older addons (i think) i just have to download / set up

  4. Welcome back Carbon... :)
    Kevmar keep his updates on curse, you may want to update yours as well