Friday, June 11, 2010

Preparing for Cataclysm

Figured I would start talking about how to save for the next expansion and what to invest in. For many (not all), the auction houses are slowing down as less people are raiding and overall most of the general population in wow is preparing for Cataclysm (leveling alts, suspending accounts, etc).

I'm still somewhat playing the auction house; nowhere near the amount I was previously doing but I am still tossing up glyphs once or twice a day and same goes with gems and other assorted goods (considering I was posting 1-2 times an hour, 1-2 times a day is nothing). I am also not buying nearly the quantity of goods that I previously was and slowly dwindling my assets in one area down and reinvesting them for items to sell off in Cataclysm.

I know this is an old speculation but I still feel strongly about it when it comes to speculation and that is netherweave cloth.

On top of all the new Worgen and Goblins running around cata you will see the following new race / class combos:

* Human Hunter
* Orc Mage
* Night Elf Mage
* Blood Elf Warrior
* Dwarf Shaman
* Dwarf Mage
* Undead Hunter
* Tauren Paladin
* Tauren Priest
* Gnome Priest
* Troll Druid

Now, how many of these new characters are going to need bags? All of them right? Unlike the rush in wotlk where we had tons of dks running through outlands we wont have nearly the amount of players in Outlands and more will be level 1 for the initial rush.

Now think about how much netherweave is on your server and what would happen if tomorrow we got 2 new races that have 6? classes and 11 new race / class combos that previously were unavailable.

People won't be out farming netherweave on the initial days of the expansion. Everybody will be racing to 85 or playing on their newly created characters and prices on netherweave bags (frostweave is even a possibility as well) are going to sky rocket simply because the demand is going trump any remote supply of cloth on the servers. (Remember when inscription was launched? We all knew that they would require milling herbs and at least on my server prices jumped as high as 100g+ a stack of peacebloom. Friends reported pulling in thousands of gold in under the first hour)

Currently on my server netherweave prices are hovering at 5g a stack and I'll gladly accept any bet that you will be hard pressed to find any cloth in the first week of cata for under 50g a stack. Actual bags are going to be even higher so if you have a tailor you should definitely start investing in the cloth now. Bags on my server are 9-15g each currently and some days guildies have reported selling bags for 75g.

So how much cloth have you stockpiled? I'm working on my 2nd tab atm and been slowly buying it when it drops in price to prevent artificial inflation. Plus I just dont have the room to hold as much cloth as I can buy. The best method for storing it is in bolts simply because it takes less space then the actual cloth.

Keep checking back for more Cataclysm speculation tips. I am hoping to get into the beta simply to get a heads up, I even submitted my account info to this guy named Blizzadrian who said he'd get me in. /sarcasm


  1. Welcome back! Long time no post!

    Trying to stockpile NW cloth myself, but the bag market is lucrative as ever with all the alts running around these days as expansion ends. I sell all I can craft and am trying to find some suppliers to help me stock up for cata.

  2. Good to hear! I'm still leveling my rogue up so for the time being I'm not in the bag market but plan to be soon :)

    I actually splurged and bought 15 stacks of titanium. They were down to 150g a stack and there were zero dust for sale. Got about 2 stacks of dust out of it which covered most of my initial investment not counting the 15 or so epics ;p

    I think that initial taste of pulling 1k+ out of my mail resparked a lot of the motivation in picking up my old habbits ( I was just tryin to clear assets mostly and liquidate but old habbits die hard ;)

    Thanks for the welcome back :) Glad to see some of my old readers still around :)

  3. Hey, good to see another one of my fav gold bloggers back. So I guess great minds think a like :). I have just under 2 GB tabs of Netherweave Bolt's so I am a touch ahead. I am banking alot on this as i plan to fill 2-3 full toons bank/GB bank with this as I can see no real other mass thing to stock for Cata. Thanks,

    M T.